Which Food is Good for Your Dog?

By Prev Info - January 18, 2023

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The canine market is more specialized today and t here is no dearth of top brand special dog food that comes with a lot of promises. Dog owners tend to buy these branded foods at extra cost without even taking a moment to think that whether the dog really needs this type of sophisticated food? 

At times the owners buy the ready made dog food from the stores to satisfy themselves and not the pet. The dog totally depends on you for a healthy food and it is up to the owner to do what is good for the dog and not blindly follow what others do.

As a matter of fact dog is naturally canine and its body is already designed with sharp teeth and jaws to shred and digest raw meat. So where does the question of vegan dog arise? Is this not something developed by the so called ‘vegan' and ‘fitness freak' dog owners who pass on their fascination for some type of food to their pets? 

Of course, the dog can be allergic to certain type of food, but not always. At times it need not be just food, even the dust, mite and cat at home can irritate the dog and cause allergic symptoms.

It is a very common myth that the more you spend on dog food, the better quality food the canine enjoys. It is good to see that the canine food comes with a variety of menu like kibble, vegetarian, potato, fish and even kibble with raw. 

Before you set out buying a dog food, take some time to analyze the dog's system and see is special food the remedy for the illness? 

Check out for simple everyday things like the frequency and consistency of the dog stool, weight, teeth condition, food schedule and type. Believe me, such simple things can make your dog a lot happy and fit than feeding them on costly dog food.