What to Do When a Buyer Doesn't Pay on eBay

By Prev Info - January 19, 2023

What to Do When a Buyer Doesn't Pay on eBay

Unfortunately, selling an item on eBay doesn't guarantee payment. For a variety of reasons, a seller can refuse to pay for a transaction made on the website. If you have previously attempted to contact the buyer, and if he refuses to pay or does not answer your messages, you can begin the unpaid item process. The unpaid item process uses eBay's Resolution Center to open a case that eBay then monitors. You must wait two full days after a sale ends to open a case against a buyer for non-payment.

What to Do When a Buyer Doesn't Pay on eBay


1 - Sign into your eBay account on the eBay website, hover your mouse over "Account" and click "Resolution Center" from the drop-down menu.

2 - Select "I Haven't Received My Payment Yet" in the "I Sold An Item" category, and then click "Continue." Enter the item number and all relevant details about the item to open a case. At this point, eBay gives the buyer four days to pay for the item. Should the buyer pay using an approved eBay payment method, the case is automatically closed. In all other circumstances, you will need to close the case manually.

3 - Open the Resolution Center and select the case from the "Your Cases" section on the bottom half of the screen.      

4 - Provide an answer to the question "Have You Received Payment from the Buyer?" If the answer is "Yes," the case closes and eBay takes no action against the buyer. If the answer is "No," eBay will refund you the final value fee for the transaction.

Tips & Warnings

Cases will only remain open for 36 days after the listing ends. If the case closes automatically, you are not refunded any listing fees.

You can also use the optional Unpaid Item Assistant tool to automatically open and close non-payment cases. 

How to Remove Negative Feedback You've Received on eBay as a Seller

If you've received negative feedback on eBay, there are ways you can remove those remarks.

On eBay, your reputation is everything. If future buyers see that one or more of your customers have left you negative feedback, they might think twice before bidding on and buying your items.

Here are a few of the ways eBay will remove your negative feedback.


1 - If the buyer leaves a comment using profane, abusive, or obscene language, you can contact eBay to have the comment removed. eBay does not tolerate harassing or hateful comments, and your negative comment will be removed promptly.   

2 - If the buyer refers to an eBay or PayPal investigation in their comment, eBay will remove it. An example of this is if the buyer mentions in their eBay feedback comment that they filed an eBay fraud claim, or filed a refund claim with PayPal. If someone leaves a comment like this for you (even if it is true), contact eBay so that they can remove the comment, and you can maintain your high feedback as an eBay seller.       

What to Do When a Buyer Doesn't Pay on eBay

3 - If the buyer leaves any personal information about any other user (yourself or any other member), such as real name, email address, mailing address, or phone number. This is a gross violation of privacy, and is against eBay's terms of service. If one of your eBay buyers leaves a comment with any of these pieces of information, eBay will remove it.        

4 - Racist comments, or comments about one's political or religious views will not be tolerated. Examples of this would be if the buyer mentions your ethnicity or race in a negative light, or leaves a comment about your political or religious views rather than leaving a comment about the product or transaction.       

5 - If the buyer leaves negative feedback about a completely different transaction for which you were the eBay seller, you can file with eBay to have the comment removed. An example of this would be if a buyer bought two or more things from you, and all but one item arrived perfect, while one item arrived broken or stained. If they left negative feedback for ALL of the transactions, mentioning the one item that they were dissatisfied with, eBay will remove the feedback comments that don't correspond with the transaction in question.       

6 - You can also contact the buyer and request that they revise the negative feedback that they left for you on eBay. In this case, if a buyer left you negative feedback for whatever reason, but you two are able to make amends via email, you can ask that they log into their eBay account and click "revise feedback" to change the feedback they've left for you.

7 - Because of this, it's always wise to maintain a professional and friendly tone with your buyers, no matter how brash or rude they are with you.     

If the buyer didn't pay for the item that they purchased from you, you should always file a non-paying bidder alert with eBay (also knownas an NPB). This dispute interface allows them to explain their inaction to eBay, and will almost always result in their paying you.

If, however, they left you a preemptive negative feedback before or during the non-paying bidder process, eBay will remove their negative feedback if they fail to respond to the NPB dispute. For this reason, it's important to always file NPB alerts as soon as you can (seven days exactly, to the hour, after the end of the auction in question).

8 - In the "resources" section, below, there is a link that will take you directly to eBay's feedback removal request page.





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