Wedding Table Charger Plate Ideas

By Prev Info - January 20, 2023

Colorful Leaves Plate Charger - Fall Wedding Idea

For a cheap and easy fall wedding idea, create a leaf plate charger to dress up your wedding reception tables. A plate charger goes underneath the dinner plates, sort of like a small, round placemat. This dresses up the place setting and adds a colorful flair to your reception tables.

If you are having a very large fall wedding or if you have come across this fall wedding idea too late in your planning, consider creating fall leaf charger plates for under your centerpieces only, buffet table items, under a guest book or on cocktail tables.

leaf plate charger

Materials for Fall Wedding Idea Plate Chargers

  •     Collect colorful leaves
  •     Cardboard or heavy cardstock
  •     Fabric or paint if you are using cardboard
  •     Hot glue gun

Using the plates you'll use as a guide, trace your plate on the cardboard (or cardstock) and cut out the circle. The beauty of heavy colored cardstock is that you don't have to then cover it with paint or fabric.

trace plate charger

With a hot glue gun (this really works the best, using normal glue takes much longer because you'll need to hold the leaves in place for them to stick) glue on the leaves on the back side of the cardboard. Glue them on so the stems will be on the bottom of the plate charger, touching the table.

glue plate charger leaves

Once you've glued on all the leaves, flip the plate charger over to the right side. For those of you using cardstock, you are done already!

cardboard plate charger

If you are using cardboard, you'll need to now paint the cardboard or cover it with a same size circle of fabric. In our pictured example, we used black polyester fabric. Felt is also a nice choice because it doesn't fray when you cut it. Use a normal tacky glue, elmer's glue or craft glue to add fabric, not the hot glue gun. Hot glue will seep through your fabric creating a sticky mess. Instead of fabric you can also cut out a circle of colored construction paper.

finished leaf plate charger

finished leaf plate charger

Let dry completely before using and have fun creating your fall wedding idea plate chargers!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

Glass Marble Charger Plate - A Winter Wedding Idea

Here is a great winter wedding idea to dress up your wedding reception tables. This glass marble charger plate project is simple to do and adds a lot of bang for your buck. It does take a bit of time though, so you may want to consider creating a marble charger plate for under the centerpiece of your tables only. This is especially the case if you are having a very large winter wedding or if you are starting this project late.

Glass Marble Charger Plate - A Winter Wedding Idea

Although called a winter wedding idea, these marble charger plates would be beautiful for any time of the year, just change the color of your fabric, cardstock and marbles! The flat glass marbles can be purchased at a craft store or online and come in many colors such as red, blues, greens, yellows, clear, iridescents, black and more so you are sure to find something to work with your wedding colors.

For our pictured project, we used iridescent glass marbles and cardboard. We glued on a circle of black felt to the cardboard before gluing on the marbles.

Using the plates you'll use as a guide, cut out a circle in the cardboard or cardstock about two inches larger than the plate. If you are using cardboard, you'll need to either paint the cardboard (spray paint is faster) or cover it with fabric. Felt is a nice choice for all wine cork crafts because it doesn't fray. If you are using colored cardstock, you don't need to cover it as the base is already a nice quality and color.

 Place the flat glass marbles around the edge of the charger plate. Place them down without gluing them to make certain you have the spacing correct, then glue with a hot glue gun. 

 Let your glass marble plate chargers dry completely before using. Fortunately, hot glue dries and sets very quickly, so these can be used almost immediately. Have fun with this winter wedding idea craft project! 



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