Tips on Posing the Bride and Groom

By Prev Info - January 22, 2023

Tips on Posing the Bride and Groom

Wedding photos are valuable memories.

Wedding photos are one of the most important parts of a wedding day. Choosing the right photographer is just as important as choosing the wedding gown. As a photographer, it is important that you understand the ceremonies that will make up the day as well as the lighting during the event. You should also meet the couple well before the wedding day to understand their personalities and what they would like the photos to capture. Not all poses will work for all couples due to different cultures, customs and styles. However, a good photographer should be able to try several different poses to capture magical moments between the bride and groom on their wedding day.


Posed individual and couple photos of the bride and groom should be taken before the actual wedding ceremony and reception. This captures the couple just after they have gotten ready on the morning of their wedding day. The light during this time will also be different and result in fresh, bright photos. Continue taking posed shots throughout the day, to capture the couple in different moments and with varying energy, excitement and even anxiety levels.

Classic Poses

The classic pose consists of several shots of the bride and groom standing together and looking straight at the camera lens. These poses are formal and can result in the bride and groom looking quite stiff or uncomfortable. Have the bride and groom stand quite close to each other and slightly touching, with the bride positioned so that her body is slightly angled in front of the groom's shoulder. You can also vary classic photos by having the newlywed couple stand or sit in front of various outdoor and indoor backdrops.

Candid Poses

As the couple moves between poses for each photo, they will let their guard down and exchange natural looks and banter between each other. Be prepared for these shots and continue taking photos even as the couple prepares for the next pose. You can then edit these photos and choose candid poses that the bride and groom like.

Natural Poses

It can be difficult to capture natural moments while posing for a photo. You can help the couple relax and capture their relationship more organically by asking them to pose in different ways. For example, ask the groom to loosen his tie or bow-tie and ask the bride to face him and adjust it or have both of them admire the engagement ring as you take photos. These types of poses will capture natural and tender moments between the bride and groom.





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