Tips on how to buy and store coffee properly

By Prev Info - January 05, 2023

Tips on how to buy and store coffee properly

If you are a coffee drinker then you will know how delightful it can be to wake up in the morning to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting from the direction of your kitchen. It is therefore important to be reassured you have a good supply of fresh coffee beans on hand to grind for your coffee pot at a moments notice. As any competent barista will tell you, the secret in making a really great coffee is in the freshness of the coffee bean. 

So maintaining that freshness for as long as possible will generally have a lot to do with where and what you store your coffee in. t is therefore important you ensure you check the lid or top of a coffee canister you are interested in before purchasing to ensure it has a tight seal so no air can get in will meet your requirements.

Some people prefer to keep their coffee beans or ground beans tightly sealed in the bag they bought them in. Others just store them away inside a container kept in the pantry, however for overall convenience and eye-catching appeal it can be beneficial to store them in a coffee canister. The modern canisters used for food storage these days are generally supplied with an air-tight lid that has been fitted with a silicone rim. This type of canister lid ensures the contents are kept fresh and will keep out insects and bugs that are attracted to products like coffee beans.

Nowadays, you can purchase a coffee canister as a one-off product from a specialty store that sells coffee products. Alternatively they can be acquired from some of the very good online suppliers or from some of the major department stores. They can also be bought either individually or in a set along with other kitchen canisters that have been designed and made especially for people who want a stylish coffee, tea and sugar canister set. 

However, it is stressed that the secret of a good coffee brew is having fresh as can be coffee beans that when ground or percolated provide a nice flavour, taste and rich aroma, so storing your coffee in an air-tight coffee canister will go some way to preserving the product so it does not go stale and as a consequence helping it to retain its flavour.

An eye-catching coffee canister sitting next to a classy modern coffee making machine that is bubbling away merrily will look stunning, particularly in a busy country style kitchen decorated with colourful coffee mugs and a colourful kitchen window valance highlighted with a coffee bean theme.





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