Positive Side of a Teen Having a Jobs

By Prev Info - January 19, 2023

Many teenagers want to get part-time jobs during the school year or in the summer months to make extra money. Often parents are concerned about the time restraints of a job and the difficulty of the teen having to juggle schoolwork and other activities. However, many positive benefits arise from a teen obtaining a job.

Positive Side of a Teen Having a Jobs


Working at a part-time job during school or full time during the summer months builds the teen's confidence and self-esteem. He is no longer just a son, sibling or friend, he is a co-worker and a contributing member of society. His employer counts on him to show up and to perform the job efficiently as part of a team. The ability to obtain and keep a job garners respect and admiration from his peers. It makes the teen feel like an adult by giving him a sense of responsibility and financial independence.

Money Management Skills

Society today encourages a microwave mentality. When a teen wants something, often all she has to do is ask her parents for it and it appears. Holding down a job teaches the teenager that work is necessary to make money. It teaches her the amount of time and effort she must trade to earn her hourly wage. Once she is responsible for using her own money for things she feels are mandatory, that expensive new purse or makeup may not seem as much of a necessity when she calculates how many hours she has to work to be able to pay for it.

Time Management Skills

Teens with jobs learn to manage their own schedules and learn to prioritize their time. If a teen has limited hours for leisure, he learns to allot time for the most important activities and to do without other time-wasting events. If he works during the school year, he will learn that he has to designate blocks of time for schoolwork, family, leisure and the job. He learns through his job schedule that just because he desires a specific day off that is not always an option when working on a job as a part of a team. According to the Family Education website, teens that work only 10 to 15 hours each week during the school year often have higher grade point averages than those who do not work.

Resume Building

Being able to list the job and job skills down on a college application or future resume helps build the teen's resume. Even if the teen does not receive pay through a volunteer job or an internship, she will work with people that she can use as references later in life. The skills she learns on the job will help her apply for better jobs in the future. Even skills such as "works well with others, is always on time and courteous," add value to a resume. Other skills that the teen may learn are to stick with a commitment even if the job is not particularly enjoyable in order to reach a goal. This also helps her in her career decisions later in life, as she will learn what she does and not want in a career choice.





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