OBESITY: You can reduce your size, naturally

By Prev Info - January 19, 2023

OBESITY: You can reduce your size, naturally

This particular issue of health is a huge problem and not just in the united States, as my research showed to me we are an obese nation in that the 2/3 of the US population that is not slim, trim and eating the proper fats to get rid of the bad fats is seeking medical professional help and getting the wrong treatment plans offered to them. By not knowing what their body can actually use as far as nutrients and good fats, Americans are seemingly clueless and many of them are confused due to misinformation that leads to mismanagement and a not-so-healthy compromised even vulnerable body, people just grow more lazy by the years.

Well the new year is well into its first month of ‘newness‘ and any of those resolutions you made might have been aborted if not even followed for a few weeks. Why did you give up ? You do have choices about whether to stay hefty and out of shape or to drop some of that weight, get that blood moving, eat the correct fats (mono-unsaturated & poly-unsaturated) and get enough sleep for your misjudged circadian rhythm.

But the idea of a diet or a pill or even starving oneself sounds easier and better. In hearing how one pill or one cream or one suspension of some chemicals thrown together (produced in a lab) that they cannot pronounce adversely paints the picture of their treatment experience, I have decided to help with a way for the administration of the three essential fatty acids you need to take, and there is no prescription needed, easy to follow instructions, and so simple a fish or plant or seed could do it !

OBESITY: You can reduce your size, naturally

The product is Black Seed Oil which is naturally derived from the Black Cumin plant bearing little sacs or pods that contain hundreds of thousands of miniscule deep ebony seeds. They expel the precious oil richest of two of the Omega Fatty Acids (6 & 9, the Omega 3 fatty acid is so minimal in concentration it is difficult to see how much or where and how its termed, it is listed on the bottle insert) our body organ systems do need to function effectively.

The specific areas this miraculous Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil– 8 fluid oz ‘blessed seed’ helps restore is the respiratory system, the intestinal system, your proper functioning of kidney & liver which would be the endocrine system, the circulatory and immune systems alike. But so much of what we eat is used and distributed properly throughout the organ systems, sometimes the residue is left to linger and build up. Over time, what was once just a few pounds heavier, now you are really overweight and that is very unhealthy.

So with summer upon most of us, what are you doing or taking to slim down and love your body ?





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