Motorcycle Accidents Expertise

By Prev Info - January 19, 2023

There are many attorneys in the Los Angeles area and Orange County. Knowledge of the law is not enough when there are injuries from a motorcycle accident, and these injuries can be far worse at much less speed than a person involved in an auto accident. The rider involved in an accident also wants to know that the attorney they place their confidence in has a real knowledge of motorcycles and not just from seeing them whiz past on the freeway.

Motorcycle Accidents Expertise

The importance of obtaining the expert motorcycle attorney who also knows about riding motorcycles cannot be stressed enough when an accident has happened for the rider’s protection to ensure they receive the proper information and representation.

Motorcycle injuries require motorcycle accidents expertise due to the often long lasting injuries such as brain injuries or severe scars from the road, this takes a motorcycle accident personal injury attorney with a proven track record and one that will not only listen to your story but also be able to make you feel at ease with his knowledge.

An accident victim also wants the comfort of knowing that their attorney not only is an expert in these type cases but also gives his clients the comfort of being beside them every step of the way during their case.

Advice An Attorney

1 - There are certain advice an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents would give a rider who is involved in an accident as this is unlike an accident where two autos are involved.

2 - If not injured badly, stay calm; this is not a time for temper.

3 - Trade information with each driver involved; note the time, the location and names of any witnesses.

4 - Refrain from making conversation about the accident with anyone involved, only give your version of what happened to the police at the scene.

5 - Contact your insurance company to inform them you have been involved in an accident.

6 - After the accident do not speak with insurance companies of those involved, leave this to the expert, your attorney. Most importantly do not sign anything for any of the insurance companies.

7 - Seek medical treatment; records of this can be released to your attorney.

8 - One of the other things that may be done in some motorcycle accident cases to enable a judge and jurors to understand the accident scene is to enlist the services of a accident reconstruction specialist.

9 - This is the type of expert attention that can be expected from an attorney who understands motorcycles and what occurs when they are involved in an accident and need the advice and help of a knowledgeable attorney who is on your side.

10 - This means that when it is time to decide what a case should consist of that the average person would not be able to do alone much less in an upset and injured condition will be to determine the damage, medical costs and other items that will affect the injured person.

11 - Damage to the motorcycle and other items; the helmet, gloves and leathers

12 - Medical bills that have been incurred and ones that may be incurred in future treatments, therapies or surgeries

13 - Monetary concerns, lost wages, loss of future wages and overtime or bonuses

14 - Pain and suffering is also part of determining what should be asked for and this can only be competently determined by an attorney that specializes in motorcycle accidents to be certain it is the correct amount to ensure complete rehabilitation of the accident victim.

15 - Many of these items while you may feel you could decide them on your own is not a wise idea, it takes experts that have seen these types of accidents and know how long it may take for an accident victim to recover fully. In the case of a victim that has injuries that will last a lifetime and will need medical treatment for an extended amount of time only experts can determine what possible costs may be involved.

If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles or Orange County, contact lawyers with motorcycle accidents expertise.



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