Ideas for Painting Kings Queens in a Preschool

By Prev Info - January 25, 2023

Egyptian Royalty Textured Art

Preschool age children enjoy creative art projects. Royalty, castles, crowns and thrones all carry a mysterious sense of intrigue for both adults and children. Preschool age children in particular enjoy imaginary games and dressing up in king and queen costumes. They also enjoy working with their hands to create artwork and paintings of imaginary and real-life images. However, as preschool-age children are only 3 to 4 years old, they may require help to draw, paint, cut out and glue images. Crafts centered around Kings and Queens give preschool-age children a chance to express their creative side while learning about the history of royalty in the world.


Explain to your preschool class what a coat-of-arms is and show them pictures of some simple examples. Send a note home with the children and ask parents and family members to help the children choose four different things that represent their family and home. Provide pre-cut construction paper in the shape of a large coat-of-arms that is divided into four sections. The children can then draw and paint one thing that represents their family in each section. Help each child write their family name at the bottom of the coat-of-arms.

Personalized Kings and Queens

Give the children in your preschool class pre-traced king and queen drawings on a large piece of paper. Have them paint the entire picture except the face of the king or queen. They can glue glitter, beads and ribbon to the painting. Take photographs of each child and have them cut out their portrait and glue it onto the king or queen's face to make a personalized royal painting.

Egyptian Royalty Textured Art

Explain a simplified history of famous Egyptian kings and queens to the children. Help the children draw or paint pictures of Ancient Egyptian kings, queens and pyramids. Glue sand onto the bottom of each painting to make the artwork textured and two-dimensional.

Royal Collages

Provide cut-out magazine and printed images of castles, crowns, tiaras, present-day and historical kings and queens and other royalty. The children can then paint scenery of where they think the kings and queens spend time during a typical day such as in a parade, on a throne, waving to people, attending events and other imagery. Help the children choose and glue cut-out images onto the paintings to make a multi-media royal collage.





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