How to Mount a Fastener to a Canvas Painting

By Prev Info - January 24, 2023

How to Choose the Right Picture Hangers or Wall Fasteners

Canvas is stretched on wooden frames, providing a secure place for fasteners to fasten the painting to the wall. Some painting are hung using only the wood from the frame balanced on nails, but others use traditional picture-hanging fasteners such as sawtooth fasteners or wire hangers. Flush-mount hangers work exceptionally well for canvas because they allow you to hang the canvas' frame flat against the wall. Large canvas paintings or those that use heavy mixed media may require multiple fasteners on the back to support the weight of the canvas, paint and frame.

Things You'll Need

  •     Flush-mount picture hanger
  •     Pencil
  •     1/4-inch screw
  •     Drill
  •     Hammer
  •     3-inch nail


  1. Place the flat portion of the flush-mount hanger in the center of the top wooden support. Measure if necessary to ensure it is centered.

  2. Slide the hanger down to the bottom edge of the support, until the hanger's 90-degree bend slides off the wood and the hanger lies flat with the sawtooth edge extending in slightly toward the fabric of the canvas panel.

  3. Mark inside the screw hole on the fastener and set it aside. Use a drill to make a 1/4-inch-deep pilot hole in the wood. Work slowly to keep from cracking the support.

  4. Replace the fastener and secure it by screwing the included 1/4-inch screw into the hole.

  5. Hammer a 3-inch nail into the wall, leaving between 1/4 and 1/2 inch exposed out of the drywall.

  6. Hang the canvas on the nail using the fastener.

How to Choose the Right Picture Hangers or Wall Fasteners

Keep your mirrors, paintings, photographs and prints from crashing to the ground by choosing the right picture hangers or wall fasteners. The type of wall surface and the weight of the objects you want to hang are important things to consider.

Things You'll Need

  •     Picture Hangers
  •     Bolts
  •     Drill Bits
  •     Drywall Screws
  •     Screwdriver Sets
  •     Variable-speed Drills


  1. Weigh the object you wish to hang.   
  2. Purchase a picture hanger, checking the packaging for the maximum weight the hanger can support.      

  3. Hang heavy objects like mirrors or shelves with wall fasteners that distribute weight more evenly than a nail or screw.

  4. Use an expansion anchor or a lead shield with a No. 6 wood screw for a plaster wall with a thickness of 2 to 3 inches.   
  5. Use a spreading anchor for drywall or a plaster and lath wall; it should be the same size as the thickness of the wall, and long enough to pierce both the drywall and the object you want to hang.    

  6. Use a No. 6 wood screw if you're mounting an object of 10 pounds or less onto the wood stud behind drywall. The screw should penetrate at least 1 inch into the stud. 
  7. Use a No. 8 or larger wood screw if you're mounting an object of more than 10 pounds onto the wood stud behind drywall; the screw should penetrate at least 1 to 1 1/2 inches into the stud.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you're uncertain about the type of wall fastener you need, check with a local hardware store.

How to Hang an Unframed Canvas Painting

Art inspires. But, that inspirational canvas of yours probably won't inspire anyone just leaning on the floor. Unfortunately, unframed canvas paintings usually don't come with hanging instructions. Sometimes they don't even come with picture wire attached. Fortunately, attaching picture wire and hanging a canvas isn't difficult. If your canvas isn't framed and doesn't have picture wire attached, gather some supplies, pick the right spot on the wall, and follow these instructions to hang that painting.

Things You'll Need

  •     Screwdriver
  •     2 short screws
  •     Wire cutter
  •     Picture wire
  •     Hammer
  •     Nail
  •     Pencil


  1. Mark a spot on the wood on either side of the back of the canvas. The two spots should be the same distance from the top of the canvas.

  2. Wrap one end of the picture wire around one of the short screws a few times.

  3. Screw the wrapped screw into the canvas in one of your marked spots.

  4. Run a length of picture wire from the first screw to the spot across from it. Leave a bit of extra wire to wrap around the second screw.

  5. Cut the wire where it intersects the second spot.

  6. Wrap the end of the wire around the second screw. Leave enough wire to create slack when the second screw is in place.

  7. Screw the second screw in place. Ensure that the picture wire is secure.

  8. Choose your spot on the wall.

  9. Hammer a nail into a wall stud on the chosen spot.

  10. Hang the canvas, lowering the picture wire onto the nail.





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