How to Make a Roller Net for Shrimp

By Prev Info - January 20, 2023

How to Make a Roller Net for Shrimp

Shrimp are a popular seafood to eat and a good source of protein. This shellfish is found in oceans and salt-water rivers and are harvested by trawling or catching them with nets. The annual shrimp runs vary depending on the location; in the east coast of the U.S. they typically peak in August and continue throughout the Autumn. Shrimp can be caught with a variety of nets including hand and roller nets.

Things You'll Need

  •     5-foot by 7-foot fine white or clear netting with a maximum of one inch holes
  •     Sewing machine
  •     Needle and thread
  •     2 round metal or plastic pipes, 5 feet long, 2- to 4-inch diameter
  •     White or clear twine or rope


1 - Measure out the finely knotted netting to ensure that you have at least five feet in width and seven feet long. Measure out and cut five pieces of twine or rope that are each three feet long. Measure and cut out another five pieces of twine that are 10 feet long.

2 - Lay the netting out on the ground so that it is flat. Using the smaller three-foot cut pieces of twine, tie one end of a piece of twine onto the corner of the net by knotting it tightly. Continue tying pieces of twine at one-foot intervals so that you have the five pieces of twine attached to the width of the net.    

3 - Tie the remaining five 10-foot-long pieces of twine in the same manner at the other end of the netting. You should now have five pieces of shorter twine attached at one-foot intervals at one end and the longer five pieces of twine attached at the other end, also at one-foot intervals.   

4 - Tie the end the netting that has the shorter three-foot pieces of twine to a metal pipe by wrapping it in a circular manner around the pipe and securely knotting each piece. This end of the netting should be closely attached to the pipe.

5 - Attach the opposite end of the net to the second metal pipe by knotting the ends of the twine pieces around the pipe. This side of the netting should have the lengths of twine between the netting and its attachment to the pipe.

Tips & Warnings

This netting can be used to trawl for shrimp by lowering the middle portion of the net into the water. The first pipe is then held in place, while the second pipe with the long twine attachments is rolled to gather the net and catch the shrimp.

Ensure that the netting is finely woven with holes that are no more than one inch wide to prevent the small shellfish from escaping or falling through the netting.

Make sure you have the correct fishing license or certificate before you begin catching shrimp.

Do not catch shrimp or other seafood in polluted waters or areas that are known to be contaminated with toxins, garbage, oil spills or natural pollutants and organisms.



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