How to Make a Practice Tap Floor

By Prev Info - January 23, 2023

Tap dancing

Tap dancing is an artform that many children enjoy learning. It is also a good form of exercise for both adults and children. However, tap dancing shoes have hard soles and heels that can ruin floors in your home. Making a practice tap floor allows you to dance without worrying about damage or wear-and-tear to your floors. You can find the material to build a tap dancing floor at your local hardware store.

Things You'll Need

  •     3/4-inch thick fiberboard, approximately 4 to 6 square feet
  •     6 2-by-2-inch rectangular wood beams, 4 to 6 feet long each
  •     5 to 20 1-inch screws
  •     Power drill with special bit
  •     Power saw
  •     Measuring tape
  •     Marking pen
  •     Protective eye goggles


  1. Measure the area you will be using your practice tap floor in. The tap floor can remain in place in this room or be lifted and stored when it is not in use. Meaure the square footage of fiberboard and wood beams you will need.  

  2. Cut the fiberboard with a circular saw. Make the bottom frame of the practice tap floor by laying out the 2-by-2-inch wood beams in a square or rectangular shape in the same area as the fiberboard.  

  3. Lay extra beam pieces from one end of the frame to the other in the middle of the dance floor for support. Screw the frame together with power drill and screw bit. Lay the fiberboard on top of the wooden frame and screw it to the wood beams on all four sides.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Your practice tap floor can remain in place on the floor or stored when not in use. You may also wish to place a large mirror in front of the dance floor, in order to assess body coordination and movements while practicing tap dancing.

  2. Place the practice tap floor on a thick, non-sliding rug to prevent damage to wooden floor and tiles when dancing.

  3. Use extreme caution when using the circular saw and wear protective eye goggles when using power tools.





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