How to Make a Moses Basket Liner Without Sewing

By Prev Info - January 22, 2023

How to Make a Moses Basket Liner Without Sewing

A Moses basket is an oval straw or reed woven basket that is used to hold newborn babies or infants up to a few months old. It is named after the Old Testament story in which baby Moses was placed in a basket and floated down the river Nile to save him from the pharaoh. The liner for a Moses basket usually consists of soft padding or quilted underlay with an upper lining that has ties on the side to attach it to the sides of the basket. You can make a Moses basket liner without sewing.

Things You'll Need

  •     5 square feet quilted material
  •     Basket
  •     Crayon
  •     Ruler
  •     Scissors


  1. Choose a large basket that is durable enough to carry the weight of the baby and the bedding. Ensure that the basket is almost 50 percent longer and wider than the baby, so that he has room to kick his legs and move his arms.
  2. Place the quilted material on a large table or on the floor. Place the basket in the middle of the fabric, right side up. Trace around the base of the basket with a crayon.  
  3. Pull the fabric up around the outside of the basket to the top edge of its sides. Hold the material here to mark it with a crayon to determine how much is needed. Continue marking the fabric along the edges of the top of the basket.
  4. Remove the basket and lay the fabric flat. Connect the outside crayon marks so that you now have a large outer oval that traces the top edges of the basket and a smaller oval that traces the base of the basket.
  5. Using the crayon and ruler, draw eight pairs of 10-inch long and 3-inch wide V-shaped tie pieces extending from the outer oval on the material. Place three double ties evenly on each side and one at each end of the baby basket.
  6. Cut out the liner along the outer oval and ties extending from it, so the liner and V-shaped ties are in one piece.
  7. Place the liner in the basket. Loop one side of the V-shaped tie around the top edge of the basket and the other through the basket approximately 2 inches below the top edge. Knot the two ends of each tie together to attach the lining to the Moses basket. Finish each tie with a bow and cut off excess material.

Tips & Warnings

  1. An old, light quilt can also be used to make the lining for a Moses basket. Make the bedding softer by cutting a piece of cotton batting to fit the base of the basket and placing it below the lining.
  2. Use breathable, cotton fabrics and padding in bright or dark colors to hide stains.
  3. You can make several Moses basket lining and change them as needed.
  4. Machine wash the material with warm water and detergent to remove any residue or dirt before using it to make the basket liner.
  5. Ensure that the bedding ties have only 3 to 4 inches of length remaining after they are tied to the basket to prevent strangulation of the baby. Also, make sure the bedding is securely fastened to the basket so it will not come loose and fall on the baby.



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