How to Decorate a Large Rustic Gazebo for a Wedding

By Prev Info - January 23, 2023

Rustic Gazebo

An outdoor wedding in a park or your own backyard can be a memorable event. Gazebos are focal points in gardens; they can be the focus for your wedding. These outdoor structures consist of a floor or deck area, side pillars or trellises and a roof that you can partially or completely cover. Gazebos are constructed of wood, but are also made of metal. They can become rustic or worn-looking as they are naturally exposed to the outdoor elements. Say your vows on a gazebo decorated with lights, flowers, ribbons and tulle or sheer fabric.

Things You'll Need

  •     Outdoor gazebo
  •     Measuring tape
  •     Ladder
  •     24 feet, white tulle or sheer curtain fabric
  •     Scissors
  •     Staple gun
  •     10 to 15 feet, white or colored ribbon
  •     Wire ties
  •     25 to 35, cut flower heads
  •     20 feet, cut leafy vines
  •     Small white Christmas lights
  •     10 to 12 white pillar candles


  1. Measure the amount of tulle or white sheer fabric needed to be draped from one bottom corner of the gazebo, over the roof to the other corner. Measure two separate pieces. Drape the fabric to form an 'X' over the roof of the gazebo and falls over four corners of the gazebo to form curtains. Secure the fabric by using a staple gun or wire ties. Tie the fabric to four pillars of the gazebo using ribbon.   
  2. Attach the fresh flower heads to the long sections of ivy vines. Insert a wire tie into the cut flower heads and twist them around the leafy vine. Repeat this on all the vine sections. You can place as many flowers as you wish on the gazebo. 

  3. Drape the vine and flower arrangements over the fabric on the gazebo. Attach the vines to the gazebo by stapling to the gazebo or the fabric. Continue decorating the gazebo with vines and flowers to evenly cover the corners of the structure.   
  4. Add small light strings to the gazebo. Place these intertwined with the fabric and flower arrangements or along the ceiling of the gazebo. Arrange the candles on the floor of the gazebo. Turned on the candles and light the candles as the evening progresses.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Choose flower varieties and colors that match the decor and theme of your wedding. You can also use fake flowers.

  2. Use firm flowers such as roses, carnations and daisies as these will last longer and not wilt as fast as softer flowers. Ensure you securely attach all the decorations to the gazebo to avoid anything falling or being blown off by the wind.

  3. Use caution when using candles; keep open flames away from the fabric and other flammable items.



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