How to Create Your Own Backdrop for a Wedding Head Table

By Prev Info - January 22, 2023

How to Create Your Own Backdrop for a Wedding Head Table

The decor at a wedding reception helps to set the theme and determine the ambiance of the room and of the night. The head table at a wedding reception is where the bride, groom, their parents and some or all of their immediate families sit during the wedding dinner. This table usually faces the rest of the hall so that the guests have a view of the newly-married couple. The wall or area behind the head table can be beautifully decorated and is also used as a backdrop for photos with the bride and groom. Popular ways to decorate this backdrop includes using Grecian columns, arches, vases, pedestals, hanging chiffon, flowers and strings of lights.

Things You'll Need

  •     4-foot wide and 6- to 7-foot long stiff silk fabric
  •     20 feet of ribbon
  •     8 5-foot bamboo sticks
  •     Sewing machine
  •     100 to 200 flowers, real or silk
  •     100 to 200 wire twist ties


  1. Cut the silk fabric material to make four sheets that are 6 to 7 feet long. Cut any loose threads from the sides of the silk material.
  2. Fold over the top of the silk sheets to make a pocket into which a bamboo rod will fit easily. Sew the pocket by making a seam at the back of the sheet, using a sewing machine. Make a similar pocket on the bottom of the sheet. Repeat with each of the sheets.
  3. Insert bamboo rods at the top and bottom pockets of each of the silk sheets. Attach the ribbons to the top bamboo rods by knotting them around each side to make a hanging loop at the top of the silk sheet.
  4. Cut the stems from the flowers so you have only 3- to 4-inch stems on the back of the flower heads. Store cut flower heads on wet sponges or shallow dishes filled with water to keep them fresh as you work. You can also use silk blossoms.
  5. Poke the flower heads through the silk fabric to attach finish your wedding decor. Arrange the flowers in any pattern you wish. Secure each flower by wrapping a wire twist tie on the stem at the back of the screen. Hang the flower screens by using hooks and screws to secure them to the walls.

Tips & Warnings

  1. You can also use stiff, handmade paper that is thick enough to hold the weight of the flowers without tearing.
  2. Use silk material in a color that complements the rest of the decor at your wedding reception.
  3. Make trial hanging silk screens several weeks before the wedding to make sure that you like this non-traditional wedding decor.
  4. Use sturdy flowers such as roses, carnations and daisies to avoid having petals fall from the hanging silk flower screens.
  5. The flowers should only be added to the backdrop silk screen on the morning of the wedding day to ensure they remain fresh throughout the reception.
  6. Ensure that the silk flower screens are securely fastened to the walls to prevent them from falling. Have a professional install these if you do not have adequate carpentry skills.
  7. Check with your reception venue manager before attaching the screens to the walls.





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