Email marketing

By Prev Info - January 19, 2023

Email marketing

Any direct marketing initiative requires a solid measurement of response and performance to determine return on investment and to also determine which marketing messages resonate with which segment of the audience. Email marketing is no different, and choosing the right company that offers a software package that allows you to measure response rates and gauge the success of a particular campaign is crucial. Many companies are choosing email marketing as a primary way to solicit new business. It is a cost efficient mechanism that can reach thousands if not millions of new customers.

The average email marketing message costs just a penny an email, which is much more cost effective than direct mail or television advertising. With email marketing, you can reach more people for less money and measure the response rate in real time with email marketing software. This software allows you to track results based on a number of metrics including demographics, messages responded to and the number of emails sent versus the number of emails opened and read.

Email marketing software allows you to export this data in Excel for further analysis and will assist you in determining the success of your campaign and help you fine tune messages for future campaigns. Measuring the performance is critical in today’s business environment. Businesses are cutting their marketing budgets to the bone. They need to find less expensive ways to market and advertise their products and services. They also need to justify the expense of any marketing campaign based on tried and true marketing metrics that have been demonstrated to be successful in the past.

Email marketing offers an inexpensive way to get the marketing message out to as many potential customers as possible in an efficient and measureable way. Email marketing software allows companies to track the efficiency of the campaign in real time, unlike many other marketing tools where you have to wait for response results. As soon as the email marketing blitz is launched, you can track results from day one to see who is responding and what messages are resonating with a particular demographic group. Performance based marketing has become essential for companies that want to increase their profit margins for as little outlay of money as possible. 

Email marketing provides the tools necessary to measure this performance and can help businesses create reports on the response rate and performance of a particular email campaign. This can be compared to the actual sales made and provide a good picture as to how effective the campaign is versus the amount of new and existing customers responded to the offer. Not only does this give an accurate picture of how the existing campaign performed, but the numbers can serve as a benchmark for future email marketing campaigns and their development.

By having hard numbers which depict which demographic group is opening and reading emails sent out and responding to the call to action, businesses can fine tune their messages if they need to improve their response rate or they can see what is successful and use this as a guide for developing future campaigns that will duplicate that success. Tracking response and performance is an important part of direct marketing, and email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tools for tracking response and performance.