DIY Dupioni Silk Flower Sash

By Prev Info - January 22, 2023

DIY Dupioni Silk Flower Sash

Accessories such as a sash or belt can liven up an outfit and add color to change your look. Make a dupioni silk flower sash to add instant glamor to your wardrobe. Dupioni silk is a shimmering fabric that is finely woven from two different colors of silk threads. The fibers in this material appear to change colors when they catch the light at certain angles. This creates a shimmering effect that is popular for long formal dresses or as part of an everyday outfit. Dupioni silk is also a good choice for your sash because it resists wrinkling and both sides of the material can be used.

Things You'll Need

  •     5 to 6 feet of dupioni silk material
  •     Sewing machine
  •     Needle and thread
  •     7 to 10 small faux pearl beads


  1. Measure your waistline, using a measuring tape, to determine the size of your sash. Keep the sash approximately a foot and a half longer than needed to adjust the size and so it can be tied around your waist or hips. Make the sash approximately 4-to-8-inches wide.
  2. Mark the required size on the silk and cut out this measured rectangular piece. Fold over the edges of the sash and use a sewing machine to make a finishing seam on all four sides.    
  3. Cut out 14 5-inch squares of silk from the remaining dupioni material. These will be used to make seven silk flowers to decorate your sash.   
  4. Fold one square in an under-over accordion pattern to make a rectangle that is half an inch wide. Hold the folded silk square in the middle by pinching it between two fingers. Sew the square in the middle, using a needle and thread, to hold it securely. Let the ends of the silk square fan out in a flower shape.  
  5. Repeat the folding and sewing with each of the other silk squares. You should now have 14 ruffled flower shapes. Assemble a flower by placing two ruffled squares on top of each other. Place a bead in the center of the top flower and hand-stitch them together using a needle and thread.
  6. Lay out your sash on a table or other flat surface. Arrange the seven flowers on top of it in the pattern you wish. Hand-stitch the flowers to the sash using a needle and thread. Tie the sash around your waist over a dress or blouse to wear it. Or loop it loosely around your neck.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Make and attach more flowers to your sash for a different, more ruffled look.
  2. Make sashes that are wider or thinner for varied looks.
  3. Add a belt buckle to your sash instead of tying it around your waist.
  4. Try two different colors of dupioni silk to make the base of the sash and the flowers.
  5. You can also use ribbon and lace to decorate your dupioni sash, along with silk flowers.
  6. Make smaller dupioni silk flower sashes to decorate your purses and handbags.
  7. Ensure that the flowers and beads are securely attached to the sash to prevent them from falling off.
  8. Small beads are choking hazards for infants and toddlers; keep beads out of reach.
  9. Silk can be difficult to sew; if you do not have adequate sewing skills, ask a skilled sewer to help you or make this sash for you.





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