Different Types of Jobs for Architects

By Prev Info - January 19, 2023

Architects design and manage many types of projects. Architects work in private practice, government departments, interior design firms, construction companies and manufacturers or retailers with architectural requirements.

Jobs for Architects

Private Practice

Architects in private practice design and manage projects for homeowners, businesses, institutions, such as schools, hospitals or care homes, government agencies and construction firms. Architects can be called junior architects or Computer-Aided Design (CADD) technicians, project manager, site supervisor, senior architect or managing partner.


About 21 percent of architects are self-employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. Typically, self-employed architects work on smaller projects such as housing renovation or extension, community development or small-business works. Some self-employed architects work as contractors for private practices or government agencies, taking on specific projects for a fixed period.

Interior Design

Interior design firms create and manage design solutions for the internal appearance and furnishing of a range of projects similar to those in private architectural practices. They employ architects with specific skills in interiors or may offer full architectural services as part of a multidisciplinary capability.

Retail and Construction

Large retail groups with many outlets employ architects to design and manage the building of new outlets or refurbishment of existing ones. The architects may take overall responsibility for the projects or may manage the relationship with an architectural practice. Construction companies may also employ their own architects if they have a large, ongoing program of new building or refurbishment. As with retailers, architects either handle complete projects internally or work in conjunction with a private practice.

Government Agencies

Architects working in government agencies handle the full range of architectural services for public housing or public buildings. They may also supervise the work of private practices working on public sector projects. Architects in government service have the opportunity to take on wider roles, such as urban planning, urban renewal or community development.

Green Architecture

The aim of green or sustainable architecture is to encourage environmentally friendly developments that use resources such as materials, energy and water efficiently, and reduce waste and pollution.





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