Couples can make crafts for their home together

By Prev Info - January 23, 2023

Couples can make crafts for their home together

As a newly married couple, you are entering an exciting and joyful phase in your lives together. Use this time to organize your new home together and sort through errands and thank-you cards that must be sent shortly after the wedding. Doing crafts is a good way to spend time together and make some of the things on your couple to-do list fun and relaxing. Put your personal marks on these newlywed craft ideas.

Thank-You Cards

Now that the wedding is over and you are back from your honeymoon, all the people who helped to make your wedding a joyful, unique event must be reminded that you both appreciate them. You and your spouse can make simple, customized thank-you cards together to express yourselves in a personal way. Purchase card paper, ribbon, envelopes and a thank-you rubber stamp from your local craft supply store. Add a small photo of the two of you on the front of the card and make your personalized thank-you cards while listening to music or chatting together.


Looking at photos of your honeymoon together is almost as much fun as being there. A scrapbook is a creative way to organize printed photos and souvenirs like brochures, airline tickets, hotel key cards and receipts from special outings. Paste everything into a photo album or scrapbook and add small handwritten notes to comment on the photos. Doing this craft project together helps you relive your holiday as a couple.

Home Decor

Your new home should represent both of you. This involves some compromise and acceptance of what types of interior design you each prefer. Making your own crafts to decorate your house allows you both to express your creative sides. Spend some time together to design and make curtains and throw pillows that reflect your combined styles. Measure the amount of material you will need and choose fabrics and trims. Stitch the curtains and cushions with a sewing machine or use no-sew fabric glue.

Money Board

Money is a primary cause of stress and conflict for newlyweds. However, managing money does not have to be a tedious chore that both of you would rather ignore. A money board hung on the inside of a closet door in a private location can help both of you deal with financial matters in an open and organized way. Discuss all the expenses that you must deal with in a timely manner every month. Purchase a corkboard from a stationery store and make labels that reflect your monthly bills and purchases. Car payments, home repairs, electricity bills, credit card bills and others should all be represented. Place a file folder in the closet next to the money board. Each of you can mark down bills that have been paid and the ones that must be paid on the board, every week. This allows you both to be aware of where money is going and which bills are outstanding.





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