Chili to treat arthritis

By Prev Info - January 08, 2023

Chili to treat arthritis

Do you suffer from arthritis pain in the shoulder or elbow the fingers, knees and hips because of the hard work?

Red Chili pepper is available all year and adds fire to your food. It is an ingredient which puts your tongue and stomach on inferno. Chili pepper is an ingredient which is mandatory for all kinds of south Asian cooking. Chili pepper belongs to a family which is aptly named as Capsicum after capsaicin the ingredient which gives the fiery properties to Chili pepper.

Chili pepper contains Capsaicin. Capsaicin is a potent substance which inhibits Substance P which is a potent inflammatory initiator. The more Capsaicin the pepper has the hotter and fiery the pepper’s properties are.

Capsaicin is being researched for sensory nerve disorders, pain due arthritis, and other degenerative joint disorders. Chili pepper also contains substantial quantity of Vitamin C and vitamin B, especially vitamin B6, and is rich in potassium, magnesium and iron.

Researchers are trying to find an oral form of Red Chili minus the burning sensation. The exact mechanism of capsaicin is still to be unraveled. So the effort is to find a way to use capsaicin for relieving pain caused by arthritis without the burning taste. The ultimate aim is to develop an analgesic for chronic ailments like arthritis without the side effects so common with conventional treatment. Conventional treatments like use of Steroids and NSAID’s is fraught with danger. The safety profile of capsaicin is unmatched.

Chili contains elements help to relieve pain, especially those caused by rheumatic arthritis. Chili that can rid the body of pain without leaving side effects in nerve cells, many of the medications used in these days, you may have a negative impact on mental alertness of the patient.

Arthritis disease leads to fatigue, stress and depression, which makes the pain seem worse and more difficult. It is known that a mechanism TRPV1 acts on the nerve endings in arthritic joints. Capsaicin is believed to act on TPRV1. Research is continuing on the exact mechanism of action of Capsaicin in chili pepper on well known initiators of inflammation TNF alpha. The researchers at King’s college London are working on how to use chili pepper for treating pain associated with arthritis. Arthritis is an auto immune disorder where the immune system of the body starts attacking the joints making them inflamed and movements gritty. Doctors are confident that they can harness the power of chili pepper without the burning or unpleasant effects.

Over the centuries chili pepper has been used to relieve pain by applying it ion the form of oil on the affected site. The effect or to be more precise the counter irritant effect gave relief from pain. The researchers at King’s college are trying to find an oral Medication extracted form chili pepper which will be as effective as topical application minus the unpleasant effects. The answers will be very beneficial in resolving the pain associated with arthritis without the side effects of modern day NSAID’s and Steroids.

There are important points you should not be ignored

You should not use red pepper if the person has allergies

You should not use red pepper for pregnant women

When using red pepper should not be touching the eye as well

as not to touch the mucous membranes

And should not be touching the skin or open wounds.

Grains must be removed before use red pepper

Chili moderation in eating healthier and doing it too much damage

Finally, do not forget to consult your doctor





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