Button Tie Closure Crafts

By Prev Info - January 22, 2023

Button Tie Closure Crafts

Buttons are found on many types of clothing and can also be added to crafts and household items for both their whimsical decorative appeal and practical use. You can also repurpose and recycle button-down shirts and dresses to make eye-catching accessories and functional household items. The buttons can be repositioned or re-used in creative ways, such as making button tie closure crafts.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can add color, warmth and style to an otherwise plain bathroom. However, plastic shower curtains can be drab looking and make a bathroom appear less inviting. Make your own shower curtains using terry cloth material for a trendy, decorative look that also will keep water from splashing while bathing. Use light, cotton terry-cloth material and fold over the top to make a loop that will fit over the shower curtain rod. Sew large matching or mismatched buttons along the top of the curtain, leaving 4 to 5 inches between each button. Cut buttonholes on the loop that will fit over each button and hang up your shower curtain. Add ribbon ties around each button for a more decorative look. You also can use a sewing machine to make the buttonholes and hem the bottom of the terry-cloth shower curtain

Cushion Covers

Recycle old button-down dress shirts to make appealing cushion covers that can be interchanged to fit any new decor. Measure and cut a square out of the front of the shirt that will fit your cushion. Cut a matching piece from the back of the shirt for the other side of the cushion. Sew the pieces together so that the front of the pillow has the closed buttons in the middle or off to one side. Make matching cushion covers with other colors and patterns of dress shirts.

Hair band

Use your old polo or golf shirts to make a trendy headband that will stylishly keep your hair in place while exercising, playing sports or just lounging. These shirts are usually made of slightly stretchy, thick cotton material that will hold hair securely without slipping. Cut a rectangular strip that is approximately 3 to 5 inches wide and long enough to comfortably wrap around your head. Use a sewing machine to hem the edges of the strip and to make the hairband the correct size. Position the buttons and button-holes that are at the front lapels of the shirt to form the closure at the back of the headband.

Duvet Covers

Save money on new bedding and freshen up your bedroom by using sheets you already own to make a duvet cover. Sew the sides and bottom of the two sheets together, using a sewing machine. Make buttonholes along the top and sew on buttons to make the closure of the bedding cover. Sew ribbon ties between each button to close the duvet cover more securely and add a feminine, decorative look.





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