Animal Collages

By Prev Info - January 13, 2023

Next time you’re fishing around for a child-friendly craft project, just round up a bunch of paper scraps to turn into a collection of colorful critters. Making collages is a fun way for kids to learn about composition as they fit together different shapes and experiment with assorted hues, patterns, and textures.


Scrapbook paper, old magazine or newspaper pages, leftover gift wrap, or any other paper you have on

Plain white paper or tracing paper



Glue stick

Small buttons, press-on gems, or other assorted notions (optional)

Animal Collages

Of all the craft materials I use, paper is my absolute favorite. I particularly love piecing together different hues and prints to create unique designs, like these boldly colored animal collages.

Animal Collages

1 - Gather the supplies. When choosing paper scraps. Don’t shy away from bright colors and bold patterns — the variety will look great in the finished collage. Assorted textures lend a nice touch too.

Animal Collages

2 - Now draw a basic outline of the animal you want to collage. An easy way for kids to do this is to look through a book or magazine for an animal picture they like and then trace it. Just be sure to keep the drawing or tracing simplistic.

Animal Collages

3 - Cut the drawing/tracing into the shapes that comprise it (head, legs, body, etc.), and use the individual pieces as patterns for cutting those shapes out of colored papers. Again, don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures.

Animal Collages

4 - When cutting out appendages, such as turtle legs/flippers or fish fins, extend the tops beyond the pattern pieces a bit so you will be able to tuck them under the body when you’re ready to glue the parts together.

Animal Collages

5 - For insects, such as a winged beetle, first use the drawing/tracing to cut out a solid-color, one-piece base for the body. Then, cut the drawing into separate pieces to use as patterns for the individual colored segments.

Animal Collages

6 - To make the animal more dimensional, try adding additional paper layers. For example, you can top a turtle shell with a second, slightly smaller oval decorated with designs cut from a piece of patterned paper. You can also add a second layer to the head, sandwiching a tiny black paper circle (created with a hole punch) between them for an eye. A fish body can be embellished with a textured head and pectoral fin.

Animal Collages

7 - When you have all the parts you need for your animal, assemble and glue them together. For the finishing touch, add buttons, stick-on gems, or other notions, if you like.

Animal Collages

Glue the finished collage animal onto a paper backing. Or use it to create a one-of-a-kind cover for a sketchbook or journal.





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