A Chirping Sound From a Cam Angle Sensor

By Prev Info - January 20, 2023

CAS is computerized technology for improved control of wheel-turning in a car.

Any type of strange noise from your car can be reason for alarm. It might be hard to pinpoint exactly where the noise is coming from and what is causing it. A chirping noise could be caused by automobile technology called a cam angle sensor or CAS. This positioning sensor relies on wheel attachments on the shaft of the car to determine the location of the wheels. The cam angle sensor sends this information to the car's engine for better control and operation of the car.


Cam or camshaft angle sensors function by determining the position of the shafts of the car. The two shafts at the front and back of the vehicle hold the wheels in place. These position sensors contain semiconductor chips that rely on digital signals to receive messages from the wheels and relay them to the engine of the car.


Cam angle sensor technology is important in helping the vehicle to gauge when quick braking is needed, such as when there is black ice on the road that causes the wheels to slip. It is also part of safety technology, such as stopping the motion of the vehicle if one tire loses air or bursts due to damage or wear.

Chirping Noise

A chirping sound from the cam angle sensor might be caused by faulty wiring or signal connections between this positioning sensor and the engine of the car. The noise could also indicate other problems, such as problems with the brake pads or brakes, a flat tire or uneven tire pressure, excessive wear on the grid of the tires or problems with the engine of the car. An automobile mechanic can disconnect the CAS and test it to find out what is causing the chirping sound.

Other Functions

The cam angle sensor also works in conjunction with other technology in the vehicle, such as the powertrain control module, or PCM, for fuel synchronization with the ignition. This helps to determine how much power should be given to the car engine when the wheels are speeding up or slowing down.





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