What Are the Duties of the Baseball Manager?

By Prev Info - December 08, 2022

 Baseball managers are responsible for managing the players during the game. In addition to making decisions about lineups and pitching rotations, baseball managers make in-game decisions about base running, field positioning and types of pitches. Baseball managers also must motivate players and provide instruction on how they can improve their hitting, fielding and pitching skills.

Baseball managers make decisions about the batting order for a game.


Before each game, baseball managers must determine the lineup and what position each player is going to play. If there are no injuries to everyday players, the lineup is going to remain consistent game-to-game, but if a player is struggling or on a hot streak, the batting order might be revised. Bench players sometimes are inserted into a lineup if a player needs a day off or if he has been injured.

Changing Pitchers

In addition to determining the starting pitcher before each game, baseball managers make pitching changes during the game. Relief pitchers watch the game from the bullpen and may be ordered to warm up by the manager if the starting pitcher begins to struggle. Managers will walk to the mound and signal for a left-handed or right-handed pitcher by pointing to a specific arm. Numerous relief pitchers can make appearances in a game.

Make Strategic Decisions

Managers also make strategic decisions during a game to give their team a competitive advantage. If the opposing team has a power hitter with a tendency to pull the ball, managers might have the infield and outfield shift to one side of the field. This puts more fielders in the area where the manager expects the ball to be hit. Baseball managers also signal base runners to steal bases during the game.

Argue Calls

Anytime a baseball manager feels like an umpire has made a bad call, he may exit the dugout and argue the call. A bad call by an umpire can take place at one of the bases or at home plate. Rarely are calls overturned by the umpires, but it can influence their decisions later in the game. Umpires may kick managers out of a game if they continue to argue or use profane language.



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