Ideas for Water Fasting

By Prev Info - December 29, 2022

 Fasting Cleansing

A water fast is an extreme choice and should be carefully thought out

Water is one of the most important things we can consume on a daily basis. A water fast though, is a radical diet choice since you are only consuming water for the duration of the fast. Many doctors and nutritionists advise against water fasting because of its extreme nature. With its lack of nutrients, a water fast may cause your body to become weak. That being said, if you do decide to try this, there are some ideas to keep in mind.

Act Responsibly

Before beginning your fast, you may want to consult your doctor since he is informed of your health history and knows what may work best for your body. If at any time during your fast you feel dizzy, sick or weak, you should immediately contact your doctor. Also, if you like the idea of fasting, make sure you research all the different kinds there are. You may find one more suited to you.

Days Before

Once you have committed to a fast, try to prepare your body for this radical change. One way to do this is to begin to cut out things from your diet beforehand. Begin by removing processed foods, starches, sugar and caffeine and instead switch to a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Cutting these things out of your diet will be an adjustment to your body, especially if you consume them on a regular basis. The more you can simplify your diet, the easier an adjustment it will be when you make the switch to your water fast.


If at all possible, you should fast during a time when it is possible for you to rest as much as needed. This is especially true in the beginning stages of your fast where your mind and body will need some time to adjust. Not working, exercising and keeping any activity light will help your chances of making this fast a successful one.

Distract Yourself

During this time of fasting and resting, you may want to plan some light activities that can keep your mind distracted and keep you busy. Catch up on some reading you've been wanting to do. Plan a movie day with some of your favorite flicks. Organize photographs into albums or try a new hobby like knitting.

Ending the Fast

Plan ahead of time and set a reasonable duration for your fast, especially if this is the first time you're trying it. When you're returning to a diet of food and other beverages again, it is best to introduce these things to your body slowly. You may have the urge to eat everything you've been craving all at once, but your body needs time to adjust to food again. 



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