How to Do a Week Long Fast

By Prev Info - December 14, 2022

Fasting Cleansing,

Fasting from all food and liquid except water has been shown to have a variety of physical benefits. Abstaining from food allows your digestive system to take a break from processing, so that it can eliminate toxins and repair damage. Aside from health reasons, fasting is performed for spiritual purposes. Because fasting is such a personal experience, no two fasts will ever feel exactly the same. However, there are some tips that will help make your fast a more tolerable experience.

Things You'll Need




1 - Talk with your doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough to fast. You should voice any concerns you have and make sure that a fast wouldn't be detrimental to your health in any way.

2 - Plan your activities in advance for the week. You should avoid scheduling any important meetings or activities that will require either mental or physical exertion. During this week you need to focus on the detoxifying, healing process that your body is going through. Activities that you normally take part in might be difficult for you during this week.

3 - Abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes and eating red meat, poultry and sugar for two days before you start your fast, if possible.

4 - Remove all of the food in your house that might be tempting to you during your fast. This will make it easier to stick with your plan of only drinking water for a week.

5 - Inform your loved ones or housemates of your plan to fast. Let them know that you need and appreciate their support during this time. Don't feel like you have to tell co-workers or other friends about your fast if you don't want to.

6 - Begin fasting. On the first through third days of your fast, you might experience intense cravings. Try to keep your goal in mind and resist the urge to break your fast. 

7 - Drink plenty of purified water throughout your fast. It is important to stay hydrated in order to help your body cleanse. However, don't force yourself to drink more water than you feel comfortable drinking in a day.  

8 - Avoid situations that will tempt you to eat, such as social dinners.

9 - Allow plenty of time for your body to rest during your fast. At times throughout the process, you might feel weak or tired. Listen to your body and relax as much as possible.

10 - Break your fast on the eighth day with a small meal of fruit. Continue eating fruit for the eighth day to get your body accustomed to digestion again before you return to a regular diet the next day.

Tips & Warnings

If you have any medical concerns during the fast, don't hesitate to contact a medical professional.



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