Fall Collage Art Projects

By Prev Info - December 08, 2022

 Fall Collage Art Projects

A fall collage is a way to celebrate the season while creating a piece of art

Shades of red, orange, brown and yellow abound in autumn, and with imagination and creativity, you can create works of art that correlate with this colorful season. A fall art project can incorporate the season's bounty through several media, from photography to drawing to collage.


A photography collage can be accomplished by anyone, from professional photographers to children. Take your camera into an area that has an array of fall colors, such as the local park or along a hiking trail in the woods. Take photos of appealing images, such as a pile of leaves or a cluster of acorns hanging from a tree limb. Ensure that the photos contain many colors, and take pictures from up close and far away. After you've had them developed, create a collage using all of the photos. Cut some of them so they are small, and have some of them enlarged. You may want to frame the photo-collage and hang it in your home or office.

Leaf Collage

Creating a leaf collage not only teaches children about the many kinds of trees but also gives them a chance to make an art piece. Take your little one to a park or a heavily wooded area, and point out a few types of trees, such as oak, maple or poplar. Together, collect a variety of leaves that differ in color. Spread out the leaves on a table or desk. Have the child place the leaves all together on a piece of poster board. Together, glue the leaves down to create a collage.

Drawing Collage

With your child, create a collage using some of his drawings. Have your child draw and color, using crayons or markers, a selection of fall images, such as an acorn, a pinecone or a yellow maple leaf. Together, cut out each autumn-related drawing, and paste the images on construction paper or poster board. This artwork can be a keepsake that you hang in your little one's bedroom or frame and put in your office.

Leaf Collage with Helen

When the leaves start falling from the trees, school is officially underway. This easy-to-make leaf collage offers a great way to teach children about different trees, foliage, and the alphabet. In fact, as stylist Helen Quinn explains, it may even encourage them to do some raking in the backyard. For her collage, Helen used a variety of leaves, including larkspur, wild geranium, aspen, dogwood, maidenhair fern, maple, oak, Japanese maple, and sumac. If you live in a part of the country where autumnal leaves aren't available, you can try Nature's Pressed, a company that sells all kinds of pressed leaves at affordable prices.

Keep in mind that you can use this basic technique to create decorative bulletin boards, flashcards, thank-you cards, or classroom trees. In addition, you can laminate them to make place mats or color-copy them to make alphabet books. To preserve your collages, frame them or keep them in cardboard portfolios. Although they fragile, if treated with care, they should last for several years.

To begin, collect a variety of leaves, then press them using a flower press. Alternately, you can simply place the leaves in a telephone book between two sheets of newspaper or acid-free paper for one to two weeks. Once pressed, carefully arrange the leaves to form the desired pattern. Using a glue stick (for children under 12) or rubber cement, put a little glue on the back of a leaf, then place it, face up, on the page. Using a clean sheet of paper as a blotter, rub the leaf gently through the paper to make sure it sticks. Continue in this manner to create your desired pattern.



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