How To Make Money Selling Info Products on eBay and the Internet

By Prev Info - December 11, 2022

How To Make Money Selling Info Products on eBay and the Internet

I have been selling information products for over six years. When I started selling my books on eBay, everyone was selling junk CDs and poorly-written eBooks with out-of-date or substandard information. I carved out a niche for myself by deciding to sell printed books, rather than electronic information. I was bucking the trend, but it has worked out well for me. Between selling on eBay and selling my books I have provided an above-average standard of living for myself and my family. But times change...and the internet changes every day.

Top Items Sold on eBay

Today the quality of electroniclly-delivered information products has increased as the size of the market has increased. Today there are thousands of top-quality eBooks sold on eBay and the internet. And they are not just eBooks about making money, people today write eBooks on every subject imaginable. Just last week my wife, Karen, bought an eBook that contained 100 quilting patterns. One of the best selling eBooks on eBay today is by a food vendor who shares his secrets for setting up a food cart and making over $1,000 a day at street fairs, craft shows and flea markets.

I have just launched my latest product, How To Create and Sell Info Products on eBay (and the internet). It arrives in an attractive clamshell package that opens to reveal a 120 page printed business manual, and three custom CDs.

Unlike a lot of short eBooks (usually written in 20 point type so the book looks longer than it really is), this product is a complete course. It contains not only step-by-step instructions that show you how to create any type of information product (printed, electronic, CD, DVD, etc.) --it also gives you all of my personal tips, tricks and secrets that show you how to sell it on eBay and the internet.

Top Items Sold on eBay

There are several ways to discover the top items sold on eBay.  These methods are free and available right on eBay. All you have to do to access the top selling items is sign into your account and follow these instructions.

1 - The first resource is eBay itself. Click on the link to Site Map at the bottom of any eBay page. Look in the middle column under Seller Resources and click on the link that says "What's hot." 

2 - The links on the left show you the popular searches.  The links on the right show the largest stores on the theory that they are large because those are the products that sell. Also notice the drop down box that says "Category". If you pull down a specific category it will show you the popular searches in each category. 

Where to Buy the Top Items Sold on eBay?

This is where it becomes a little harder. One of the problems with selling top items is that they are very competitive and the margins are fairly low because of this. And you are usually up against large sellers who can buy their inventory in large quantities.  So you really have to learn the wholesale system and how it works.  One of my best selling books is The Wholesale Buying System. It is a printed book that comes with members-only access to my website where I list sources.

The other excellent place to find legitimate wholesale sources is WorldWide Brands.  The are the only company I recommend for wholesale information.  As for the large drop ship companies that advertise all over the web –I have tried most of them and it never worked for me. Basically they are middlemen and their prices are really too high to allow any profit margin on eBay. And some of those sites sell counterfeit or knockoff goods. So you will always do better when you work directly with the sources.





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