Simple Ways to Reinvent Your Home

By Prev Info - November 09, 2022

  • You may be asking yourself, what is the most exciting thing about summer? Is it the unbelievably nice weather, the amount of time spent over a campfire, or the juicy grilled goods you get to consume every weekend? All of that sounds pretty exciting and definitely the top highlights of summer, but I look at summer as a time to get to work and cross off projects from my always expanding to-do list.


  • Glad to see I am not the only one! I’ve been inspired by all the projects I see taking place on Spark.
  • I came across this wonderful chair with such a stunning, yet calming color. Spark user Amy Chalmer transformed an old plain chair into a beautiful glorified version of itself, all with some simple chalk paint and crafty fingers.
  • Spark user Eve I. Vallad-Hou recreated an every day recyclable into a wonderful piece of art that she can still use every day. Now that’s what I’m talking about when I say simple sprucing! Something this fun and creative can even become a fun group project; hello Sunday funday!
  • Do you have a simple renovation task on your to-do list? Share them with us in the comments below and lets get motivated!

Splash of Color to Summer

  • Summer is filled with lovely, bright colors that always seem to put a warm smile on my face. Whether it’s the pop of pink in a lace dress or the rich green grass beneath my picnic blanket, summer always inspires me to amp up my life with fresh new additions.
  • While perusing my Ideafeed,  I noticed just how many fun ways I can add some summer zing to my every day. Spark user Pooja Sharz has some great DIY nail ideas. This funky cheetah nail art is a sassy twist on an ordinary manicure, and who doesn’t need a little sass every once in a while?
  • Ashlee Douillard is finding inspiration in colorful works of art. She found a simple-to-do art piece that is a beautiful way to add some brightness into any room. The color schemes and fabric choices are nearly endless!
  • How do you plan on bringing some color into your life this summer? Share your ideas in the comments below, then go out and start splashing!