3 Easy Homemade Ways to Bite Into Summer

By Prev Info - November 09, 2022


Were you all so busy having a wonderful time this weekend to post any great photos to your Memorial Day Spark board? We didn’t get enough submissions for the contest, but we have seen a ton of inspiring boards to help us kick off our summer, so instead of picking one winner, we decided to pick 3! These lucky Sparkies won a pair of super stylish eHow sunglasses!

We found these scrumptious clips by following the Food tag, which is full of enticing ideas to get your summer on, from pinot noir ice pops to watermelon appetizers to grilled kebabs. Follow the tag to make sure your Ideafeed is full of mouth-watering morsels, and tag your boards and clips so others can find them too!

1. Juicy Persian Kebabs

Maybe you’re thinking more along the lines of cooking outside more this summer. Burgers and hot dogs are always great, but try spicing things up Persian-style with some sizzling kebabs. Spark user Ali Nazjoo shows us how its done, and those kebabs could not look tastier!

2. Lamb Belly Skewers

If you want to really impress your guests at the next gathering, try these bite-sized delights! Jane Lee put her imagination to the test and combined lamb belly, sesame leaf, mushrooms and chili sauce for a treat that looks and sounds divine!

3. Homemade Marshmallows for S’mores

Nothing says summertime like the smell of campfire and the taste of gooey, sticky roasted marshmallows in s’mores. And the only thing that could make that s’more better is homemade marshmallows. Yep, that’s right. Homemade! Callie Chappelle is just as excited about this idea as we are, and boy do we want to try it!





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