What Is Channel Partner Marketing And What Are Its Best Practices?

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

If not so long ago channel partners opt to look right through marketing, today they are pushed to make marketing their priority or else risk failure. The market has changed and will continue to change, and so are channel partner marketing practices.

The Market Is Changing

In the recent years, the business environment has been subjected to remarkable structural and even functional changes. These transformations are forcing channel partners to reconsider their marketing view and here is the reason why:

1 - Products are no more sought or sourced through conventional channels which used to bring in customers without any considerable marketing attempts. Today, search engines are used to search for, identify, and buy products in almost 90% of sales.

2 - The number of channel partners has grown, which has turned the business environment into a really competitive one.

3 - Unconventional competition has accelerated as well, eating away into the market share of channel partners.

4 - Well known brands are already well-established names. They do not invest as much as they used to into marketing campaigns, which channel partners used to gain from automatically.

5 - Channel partners have a tendency to dedicate fewer resources to marketing

Suggestions Channel Partner Marketing Practices

Once the need to reexamine their marketing position becomes clear, channel partners must follow a set of best practices made to transform their marketing initiatives into actual sales and leads.

1 - Research and analyze. However it seems to be the most obvious step, it is sometimes neglected by channel partners. It is a stage of channel partner marketing where they must analyze and identify competition from each and every perspective including the way they market their products, the products they offer, and so on.

2 - Bring In Vendor Support. The great thing about being a channel partner is that they already have their marketing and advertising resources. Vendors have place all together and channel partners only need to reach out and even learn from the leaflets, training seminars, demonstrations and what ever other marketing resources the vendor provides.

3 - Make Use Of The Power Of Social Media. Social media usually defines marketing these days. If you're not on social media, you do not exist. This is the way the trend goes nowadays and even channel partners should never overlook the unbelievable power of social network to reach millions and millions of potential customers.

4 - Boost Your Visibility Online and Offline. Your audience must know who you are and even what you sell as well as why they should obtain from you to make a purchasing decision. However how they can do that if they are not aware of you exist? Get online, optimise your site, advertize in local or localized newspapers, get on the radio, or sponsor events! Just be visible!

5 - Learn The Value of Referral Plans. In today's age of "sharing", referral programs generate more sales than ever before. They bring in more than half of the revenue. People choose to purchase from a place they know or even from a place that a friend has suggested.

6 - Do not ever Ignore the Power of Direct Marketing. Direct marketing is still best ally of any kind of sales business. Channel partner marketing should include all the techniques that modern direct marketing involves including email campaigns, client data base and even prospect databases.

In this situation, channel partner marketing is not a superficial endeavor though an absolute must that can ensure the survival of channel partners in this very competitive and even permanently changing business environment.



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