What is a blog? and what is blogging?

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

Do you want articles and posts on your blog 'syndicated' on hundreds - even thousands - of other related websites... with a link back to yours? Blogging will do it for you.

Would you like to get your site spidered by Google, bing, and dozens of other search engines... literally within days, if not hours? Blogging will get them for you.

Or how about establishing a channel of communication with your marketplace... without having to worry about spam complaints or email filters? Blogging will become your 'channel'.

Need a way to build an online relationship with prospects, downlines or clients... without spending hours on setting up complex technology, or wasting a fortune on it? Blogging is your answer.

In a nutshell, blogs are incredibly powerful MARKETING tools - ones practically guaranteed to boost your website traffic, get you higher search engine rankings, build enormous link popularity, create a web presence branded with your identity plus become profit vehicles in their own right - if you use them the right way.

And the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let's start your exciting voyage into blogging - and profiting from blogs - right now. Enjoy the ride!

A 'blog' is an online personal diary where anyone can reveal his/her innermost thoughts, feelings, desires, dreams, ambitions, hopes, fears... you get the picture.

Yes, it's a website. With one small difference.

A blog lists posts ordered by date, in journal format. It is also easier to create than a website - just type into a form and hit the PUBLISH button.

The Chicago Tribune defines a blog more concisely.

"A Weblog is a Web site that maintains a constantly updated list of links to other sites; those links can deal with any subject or focus on a particular one. Webloggers typically offer pithy, sarcastic commentary about the links."

And that, in essence, is what a blog is!

Blogging is the act of updating your blog with content. And it lets you reach and relate.

Reach... Who?

Your audience. Customers, subscribers, prospects, readers.

Email is becoming less effective as a communication tool simply because it often fails to reach the intended recepient. With a blog, your message is on the Web for anyone to see.

Another good reason to get blogging... is to Relate.


By revealing your personality, and letting your individuality shine through. It's easier to establish rapport with audiences through a blog post that's an unpolished form of your thought processes - than through a corporate bulletin or edited newsletter.

With most blog software available today, all you have to do is create content. The mental barrier to webpage design that holds many back from building websites is almost completely destroyed when it comes to blogging.

It's "fall-off-a-log" easy!

A good weblog is updated often, with pointers to interesting events, pages, stories and happenings elsewhere on the Web. New stuff piles on top of the page; older stuff sinks to the bottom.

How difficult is it? How much time will it take?

You could either publish in a flash for free and hope for luck to guide you to glory. Or you could do it step by step, investing in your blog, knowing you'll reap rich rewards in the future.

Just remember this. To be a true member of the blogosphere, you have to work a bit harder. You'll need to spend time looking for, and visiting other blogs. You'll have to link to them - and get linked back in return.

But the rewards are well worth the trouble.

At the end of this article, there is a section on setting up your own blog. It is quick, easy and won't take longer than an hour, starting from scratch. There really is NO reason you should delay publishing your own blog today. And after you see just how many ways a blog can make you money, I'm sure you'll be rushing to create your own blog!