What experiences have other people had by bringing both a cat and a dog into their home?

By Prev Info - October 16, 2022

cat and a dog

Everyone who owns a cat or a dog has a story to tell, but those who own both a cat and dog have even more surprising tails...I mean tales. Below you will find real dogs with cats stories from real owners like you. Enjoy!

Simon's Kitties

A dog and cat drinking from the same bowlWe had been confirmed "Cat People" for 18 years. Our friend had a dog, and it somehow convinced us that we should finally bring one into our home. Simon grew to become a 120 pound lap dog—he is a Malamute.

We thought Rainbow, our cantankerous feline, would be the biggest challenge. We introduced the two of them very slowly, and they became fast friends. They played together, slept together, even bathed each other. Unfortunately, Rainbow developed cancer and Simon lost his best friend.

A few months prior to Rainbow's passing, our daughter adopted Lucy, a tiny kitten (the runt of the litter). Lucy lived in her room as we were concerned that Simon would accidentally step on her.

When Rainbow died, poor Simon grieved for days. He would lie on her grave and whine. He wouldn't eat. He couldn't be consoled. We were very concerned. I suggested that Lucy be introduced to Simon.

He sniffed her, licked her, and let that little tiny kitten crawl all over him. The kitten was unafraid. He would not let that kitten out of his sight. He was extremely careful and never once stepped on her. He carried her in his mouth and the kitten would curl up on him anywhere and go to sleep.

One time he was eating and Lucy wanted to eat with him. She was too small to get in his dish, so Simon picked her up and plopped her in his dish and the two of them ate together. Of course this wasn't quite so cute when she wanted to get a drink out of his water dish! But he did lick her dry!

When it came time to have Lucy spayed, Simon had a fit when he saw us put her in the cat carrier. He seemed to remember Rainbow went in that and did not come back. He barked and carried on. We took him to the vet with us and explained what was happening. The vet had us take Simon with us to put Lucy in the cage.

He also told us to bring Simon when we picked Lucy up, which we did. Simon was antsy until the time came to get her. He sniffed her, checked out her incision, and wagged his tail. He sensed that it was okay. He was extremely gentle with her and would bring her morsels of cat food while she rested. He kept guard over her and would only let family near her. Lucy soon recuperated and was back to her old self.

That was three years ago, and they are still constant companions. Lucy thinks she is a dog. The two do "yard patrol" together. Simon marks his territory along the fence and Lucy tries to do the same—very funny to watch. They remain the best of friends. Lucy still likes to snuggle with Simon, and often sits on the end of his nose when he is lying down—she has adapted to his need to sniff! They are great companions to each other and our family.

When our daughter left home, she struggled over what to do about Lucy. She opted to leave her with Simon as she felt they belong together . . . and so does he.

Mutual Devotion

One of the fondest memories I have of my grandfather is an image of him sitting in his La-Z-Boy recliner with Heidi the dachshund on one leg, and Sam the alley cat on the other. These two stray pets adopted by my grandparents avoided each other like the plague. Most times they could not even stand to be in the same room with one another. They never fought, never even hissed or barked, but it was obvious there was no love lost between them.

As I think back on the long summer days they would spend next to each other on grandpa's lap, watching the local ball game or just napping in peace, I realize that they put aside their differences to share their love for my grandfather. They made sacrifices and found a way to live together peacefully, all for the love of my grandfather.

King Sebastian and Court Jester Cole

I have a housecat named Sebastian, he is half Siamese and half Tiger cat. He is all black with a little bit of white here and there. He is extremely large for a cat and very well defined. My husband and I decided we wanted to have a housedog as well. After many nights of contemplation we decided on a black lab.
When we brought Cole (a black lab) home, Sebastian was, to say in the least, devastated. He had always been the only pet and reigned superior in our home. Now he had a 100 lb. opponent to contend with.
I was very worried on how the two would get along. For the first couple of weeks Sebastian stayed out of sight. Finally, little by little, he would peek around the corner and if Cole was asleep he would very carefully venture into the same room to get his much deserved attention. Sebastian started to get braver and braver every day. He was now to the "curious" stage and began taunting Cole. While Cole was asleep on the floor Sebastian would hide along the side of the couch and then all of a sudden screech. Cole would instantly jump to attention and high tail it to the bedroom and hide! Sebastian would walk around the living room with his head held high! Oh was it a sight.
More and more Sebastian figured out that Cole may be bigger, but he was nothing more than putty in Sebastian's paws! Sebastian would hide along the side of the couch while Cole was sleeping and then jump on Cole's tail if it twitched. Cole again would jump to attention and high tail it to the bedroom.
My husband and I were starting to get worried. We were wondering if these two would ever get along, or if Sebastian would always be the "King" and Cole would always be the "Jester", when one day we finally got the answer we were seeking.

My husband, our son and I finished dinner and settled down in the living room for a movie. Cole was sleeping in his usual spot on the floor next to the couch. Sebastian was making his way cautiously into the living room. He hid beside the couch and waited to leap at the slightest movement of Cole's tail. Cole moved his tail, Sebastian was on it and Cole flew to the bedroom. But this time instead of walking around the living room in Glory, he high tailed it after Cole into the bedroom. I went to follow and my husband held me back and said to wait and see what happens. Well, about five minutes later we were all on the floor rolling with laughter! Here comes Cole out of the bedroom with Sebastian seated upon his back. Cole carried Sebastian down the hall to the living room and lay back down in his normal spot. The cat stayed glued to the dog's back. They slept together the rest of the evening.

Cole and Sebastian now have an understanding that as long as Sebastian remains the King and Cole remains the Jester, they will remain the best of friends.

Cat with an Attitude

Bubba, our three-legged cat, has such an attitude that he can scare away just about any dog. When we brought home our new puppies he made sure that they knew who was the boss. It wasn't until we saw our neighbor's lab roll over on the lawn in obedience to our cat that we knew Bubba had an attitude. The lab approached our screen door, his slobbering tongue wagging happily. In an instant, Bubba had raced to the door with his fur fully raised and claws bared. His commanding "hisssssss" sent the lab to the floor. We make sure to keep the screen closed.

The Pick of the Litter

When my Chihuahua Rosita had to have an emergency C-section and lost her one baby, she was in deep depression for about three weeks. At her Vet's office, we were told of a box of kittens that had been abandoned in front of the office. We were asked if we wanted a kitten. I took the little dog back to the kennel and placed her in front of the kittens. She wanted to get inside the cage so I placed her inside with the six kittens. She smelled and licked each one and most of them responded to her. But one female stayed in back just watching. My little Rosita went to her and picked her up like a Mama cat and brought her to me. Rosita was beside herself when we went back to the exam room. She kept washing the kitten, who was loving it.

They are now the best of friends. They play all the time, sometimes sleep together, and always eat together. Suzi Q, the kitten, is now seven months old. She weighs in at about nine pounds and is very large for a kitten. The Vet says she is part Maine Coon Cat and we think she's part Persian with her bushy tail.

Both pets are a joy to my husband and me and keep us laughing at their antics. We love both equally.

Greta Meets The Boss

Several years ago I was pet-less and had just moved into a small apartment. After meeting the downstairs neighbors we noticed that there were several stray cats lounging around the yard. When asked, my new neighbor told me she fed them several times a day. Since we knew the landlord was pet-friendly we decided to adopt one of them. We opened our hearts to several of them and couldn't decide which one we wanted. One day the large black male that was the "Boss" of the yard showed up mauled by a opossum. He had terrible wounds on his head and one paw. We rushed him to a local vet and he healed nicely and turned out to be the "One" for us. We named him "Black Magic" and he ruled our hearts.
I have always been a dog person—I love cats too, but I had had to give up my Boxer after a divorce and a change in living arrangements the year before—so I started looking for a dog that I could give a home to.
I eventually came upon an ad for an older dog up for adoption. After speaking with the owners we decided to give it a try, provided she got along with the cat. "Greta" the Boxer was 10-years-old and had never lived with a cat so we were all a little nervous, but Greta decided she was a "scaredy cat" and hid from Magic! Magic, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with this invader and let her know in his own way who was the "Boss" in this house. Greta accepted her role as second and they have enjoyed a truce ever since.
About four months ago a new stray kitty showed up, obviously very pregnant, and we took her in. Magic accepted her and she just loved Greta! About 2 weeks later she gave birth to two sweet little kittens. After the kittens' eyes opened and they started exploring they found this huge "cat" sleeping on the chair near their nest and decided to see if it had teats! Greta was very surprised to awaken to two kittens trying to nurse!

Greta accepted them and started to bathe them whenever they came to "visit" her. Now the kittens are 3 1/2 months old and one of them thinks he is a dog—he sleeps with Greta, plays "fetch" and barks like a dog! The other kitten also acts like a dog—he "boxes" with his front paws just like a Boxer! All like to cuddle up and sleep together. They have given us many hours of entertainment.
I have to say I have never had such an experience with cats and dogs. It just goes to show you that all animals can get along if given the right circumstances.

When a Cat Raises a Dog

My husband and I have an older cat named Frey. When we moved to New Mexico, my husband wanted to adopt a German Shepherd. So, we adopted a free six-week-old puppy. We brought her home—a fat little roly-poly black puppy with rust-colored markings on her ears and chest. Frey sat in the middle of the living room and glared. He went up to the puppy and licked her experimentally and then seemed to say, "This is the ugliest darn kitten I've ever seen, but I guess I'll raise it."

Sure enough, about three months later, it dawned on Frey that this ugly kitten was a dog!! That explained the ugliness, the slobbering, the disgusting displays of affection. Frey felt betrayed. For the next month, he sneaked up on the puppy, now named Nina, and scratched her nose while she slept. He also slept in the living room instead of on our bed to let us know we could not be trusted.

After lots of affection from us he got over the mistrust and continued training Nina in the ways of catdom. To this day, Nina washes herself like a cat, paying special attention to her claws. When she wants petting, she sideswipes us like a cat would, not even noticing that her 50-pound bulk bangs against our knees, almost knocking us over.

Frey and Nina ended up becoming good friends. One day, when we were sitting on the porch, Frey came racing pell-mell toward the house and up a tree followed closely by some neighborhood dogs. Braking excitedly, they wheeled into our yard and began jumping up around the tree. Nina jumped up from the porch and chased off the dogs, allowing a ruffled but dignified Frey to descend from the tree and give himself a relaxing bath.

Frey taught Nina how to catch mice. I came into the yard one day to see Nina and Frey about six feet apart and facing one another. The mouse would run to Frey, get batted around and released, then the mouse would run away, only to end up in Nina's mouth, shaken a bit, and then released to run to Frey. I know it's cruel, but I've often seen two cats play with a mouse in this fashion.  In this case, though, it was a cat and a dog playing with the mouse.



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