What can you do to prevent conflict between a cat and dog living together?

By Prev Info - October 16, 2022

cat and dog

Remember what your darling little puppy did to your shoes? Or perhaps your newspaper or the legs of your chairs? Keep in mind that your innocent pooch is a natural predator, and your cute little kitty could be his prey…or vice versa!

The conflict between cats and dogs is easy to understand.

Before dogs were domesticated by humans they survived by hunting small, furry prey that look just like Fluffy the cat. A dog's natural instinct is to pounce on fast-moving objects or animals that excite its curiosity. On the other hand, a cat who feels cornered is likely to hiss, scratch, and struggle to escape. Dogs tend to take this behavior personally.

When you understand why your pets act as they do, it will be much easier for you to control their behavior. Initially, supervise all interaction between your cat and dog until you are confident that they will behave. At first, you may have to keep your dog on a leash whenever your cat is present. Make high places accessible only to the cat so that it can flee a conflict without injury, or simply hide from the dog when it feels threatened.

Regardless of conflicts that can occur in mixed pet households, most pet owners agree that the joy that each pet brings into the home outweighs any troubles that may arise.


Cat and dog police lineup

The Dog in the Cat Food or (heaven forbid) the Litter Box Dilemma

Many dogs will eat cat food when they find it. You can solve this problem by giving each pet its own feeding area. Keep Fido out of Fluffy's food by placing the dish up high where the dog cannot reach it.

Keep the cat's litter box away from him as well. You never know when your pooch may search for a sandy toy or snack.

Separate your pets and give them time to get acquainted by getting used to one another's scent.

Keep the new pet in a separate room and gradually introduce them for short periods. Or install a gate or barrier between them. This will allow them to see and smell without physical contact. In no time, they'll be willing to follow your rules and satisfy their curiosity about one another.





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