What Attorneys Sue Crown Princess Cruise Lines?

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

What attorneys sue Crown Princess cruise lines is an often asked question when you live in a state other than California and are now stuck by contract with suing in Los Angeles, California. Were you or someone you love injured while aboard a Crown Princess cruise ship, or other cruise liner? If so, it is likely you will need to retain a Los Angeles, California cruise ship injury lawyer (Plaintiff's lawyers) to assist you in accordance with your boarding passenger ticket. Only a Los Angeles court can assist you, so it makes sense to get a California attorney to help you when you've been injured while on a ship out at sea.

No matter where or how you were injured while aboard, whether it is a rape, sexual assault, physical battery slip and fall or security guard abuse, even if your cruise liner is responsible for you being injured ashore on an pre-arranged excursion, experienced cruise ship injury attorneys probably will be able to help you. But hark, there is usually a time limit on your passenger contract that limits when and where you can sue for a cruise ship injury. Normally there is a cruise line wide policy and contractual duty for you notify the cruise ship in a way spelled out in your contract. Usually you must follow this contract to the letter and serve your written claim upon the cruise lines within six months of your injury.

Legal consultations with excellent attorneys are normally free and you won’t be billed any fees or costs unless there is a legal victory. Many people out of state give up their case because they can’t find a California cruise line attorney to help out! But there are a few California firm, such as Los Angeles Cruise Line Negligence Attorneys who help out of state claimants for cruise ship injury cases.

The following are just a few examples of cruise vacation that can occur both on and off cruise ships and other boats:

* Rape;

* Trip and fall;

* Assaulted by cruise line crew member;

* Molestation of a child by a crew member;

* Gang bang rape by cruise ship employees;

* Food poisoning resulting in norovirus and wrongful death;

* Alcohol related drowning at sea;

* Severe brain injuries.

As a passenger on board a cruiseliner who suffered injuries, cruise ship injury lawyers should be able to obtain money for you for hospital bills, physical and mental pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity and many other things like nursing care for your catastrophic injuries at sea.

There are many other factor to consider as well. The situs, or location where your injury took place is also important these types of claims involving injuries on a pleasure cruise . Assuming your injuries on the cruise ship happened while still inside United States waters, or the territorial jurisdiction of the state waters like Georgia, or California, for example, state or federal law will likely be the law of the case. But if your injuries on a pleasure liner took place more than three miles from the shoreline, admiralty maritime law will rule the case unless excepted by contract.

This means you may be forced to use the less fair and more cruise liner corporation friendly law of the sea to establish damages and liability in the prove up of your claims. If is killed on a cruise ship or dies from norovirus or some other tropical disease, you may have a survival claim or wrongful death claim suit against the shipping company. But again, if a death at sea happens three miles or more from the sea shore, the stricter Death On The High Seas Act (DOHSA) is the prevailing law! This means unless you have experience in both admiralty law and California and federal law, you will have a daunting task in litigation a case against Crown Princess Cruises.

If you or your loved ones suffered serious injuries at sea on a Princess Cruise Ship, or died from negligence or even intentional acts. What attorneys sue Crown Princess cruise lines can be contacted immediately by telephone or e-mail. Speak with an experienced Princess Cruise Ship Lawyer.





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