Truck accident lawyer los angeles

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

 Being involved in any auto accident or car crash can wreak devastating havoc on your life, but when a large, commercial truck is involved, you may suffer catastrophic injuries. Not to mention the damage that can be inflicted on your car or property.

Semi truck accidents make up a significant number of car accident injuries, and can even cause fatalities or permanent physical harm. Due to their tremendous size and caliber, large trucks can cause unimaginable damage, especially if you are driving a much smaller vehicle or car.

Causes of Large Truck Accidents

On average, a large commercial truck is about 80,000 pounds. These trucks are usually used to transport goods across the country. The drivers work long hours and are usually at the wheel for weeks on end. As a result, they may inadvertently cause an accident if they are especially tired from driving all day. Some of the most common causes of large, commercial truck accidents include:

    Truck drivers falling asleep at the wheel

    Exhaustion or long work hours

    Distractions like cell phones, radio, or other devices

    Inability or unwillingness to check blind spots

    Pure recklessness and negligence

Damages You May Suffer From

When your much smaller car is hit by a large truck, there is no doubt that you will suffer damages. Over the years, truck accident lawyers have represented clients who have suffered from:

    Catastrophic injuries to the head, brain, spine, or vital organs

    Burn injuries

    Bruises and lacerations

    Broken bones and punctured limbs


    Wrongful deaths

On top of the physical harm you’ve suffered on your body, you may even suffer emotional damage that can hinder your future. You could find it difficult to get behind the wheel of another car, or you might want to avoid the risk of driving altogether. On top of the emotional and physical trauma of being involved in an accident, you would still have to deal with other issues, including:

    Medical bills

    Car and property damage

    Hospital expenses

    Funeral costs

    Loss of wages

    Other bills

Contact truck accident lawyer los angeles for Help

When you are denied the rightful compensation for your injuries and damages, don’t suffer in vain. Calling truck accident lawyers is free and doesn’t require any commitments or obligations. Speak to  truck accident lawyer los angeles on your legal situation.



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