Tips to find a shop to repair your bucket truck

By Prev Info - October 16, 2022

 It can be a real pain in the neck searching for a shop to repair your bucket truck. Is it really worth all the effort to find a bucket truck repair shop with mechanics that are specially trained on how to service these trucks? Can't a regular auto mechanic do the job just as well? In short, your best bet for bucket truck repair is to find a mechanic that specializes in these trucks. Read on to find out why.

Each day a bucket truck spends in the shop for repairs is a day the truck is not out earning the owner of the truck money. While you may save a couple of bucks on the front end by hiring someone that isn't really familiar with bucket truck repair to do the job, you could be paying a lot more in the long run. Part of the problem with hiring a mechanic that doesn't normally service bucket trucks is his ability to obtain replacement parts for the truck. His normal sources probably just don't have the parts he will need to do a lot of the repairs, especially when you start looking a problem with the hydraulics on the truck. 

Valuable time could be wasted while the mechanic searches for a source on the parts, and when he does find one he may not get as good of a deal on the parts as a mechanic that specializes in bucket truck repair. It's simply a matter of volume pricing. Exceptionally rare parts may be nearly impossible for a mechanic to obtain without having access to the right sources. Your best bet for getting the truck in and out of the shop with minimal delays is to just take it to a shop that specializes in bucket truck repair, even if it's a little farther out of your way to do so.

There's really no reason to take your bucket truck to a mechanic that doesn't specialize in bucket truck repair. Big name manufacturers like Altec have their own certified service centers all across the United States and Canada. And if there isn't a shop within easy driving distance, you should consider taking the bucket truck to a dealer that specializes in reconditioning and reselling bucket trucks. The mechanics that work at shops like these will have had years of experience in repairing bucket trucks, will know the inside and out of these trucks like the back of their hands, and will be able to find the parts needed to repair a truck in short order.

Another thing to take into consideration when deciding which repair shop to bring your bucket truck to for service is the shops length of time in business. You want to choose a shop with years of servicing bucket trucks under its belt. Companies that have been around longer likely have a spectacular service record and lots of repeat customers. Shops with poor quality repairs, bad customer service, rip-off pricing probably won't be in business for long. This doesn't mean a new shop isn't great, but definitely double check with business contacts if you're taking your bucket truck to a shop that doesn't have a proven track record in the industry.

Lastly, if you don't immediately need repairs for your bucket truck, now is the time to make an action plan. Figure out which shop you plan to take your truck to when repairs are needed, and it will save you a lot of hassle and headache when you do need repairs later on down the road. It's inevitable – if your truck doesn't need repairs now and you're using it regularly for business, eventually it's going to break down. Know where to take it and figure out how to get it there now while the pressure is off.



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