Selling Lots Successfully With an eBay Business

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 I'm usually not one to offer unsolicited advice, but have been around the block enough now to have learned some key tips for selling children's lots for big $$! Obviously what I have learned is working--as most of the lots I do, end up at or  near the highest price for completed listings. So here are some tips to help you maximize your profits:

Selling Lots Successfully With an eBay Business

First I must mention that if you're selling name brand, complete outfits, such as sets  from a fairly recent Gymboree line or boutique brand, you're almost certain to do better selling individually, than to sell it as part of a lot. Of course, there are exceptions...infant sizes usually sell better in lots, as do basic outfits, such as a plain top paired with a printed bottom. But considering buyers usually won't pay more than $7-10 per piece in a lot (this is just something I've observed when you average out the prices and pieces in a lot), and many times one Gymboree outfit can go for upwards of $30...well, you do the math.

Now, as far as lots go....

1) NEVER take one picture of all of the items grouped together!! Nothing screams YARD SALE more than seeing a bunch of clothes all folded up and laying on the floor. It's all about PRESENTATION! If you're presenting a lot, like as you would clothes at a yard sale, buyers are going to be in a yard sale mindset when deciding how much they want to pay! Even if you include individual pictures along with the one group picture, it's that one group picture that just spoils your whole presentation.

2) ALWAYS feature a lot that includes many name brands and a substantial amount of pieces....I usually feature if at least 50% of my lot is name brand items, and if I have at least 30 pieces to offer. It feels a little risky to take the chance and pay $20 to feature it, but I guarantee your ending price will more than make up for that $20.

3) Limit the amount of fillers in your lot...such as sleepwear, socks, hats and belts, etc. Buyers want the majority of the lot they purchase to be actual clothing!

4) When taking pictures, IRON your items first. Remember time is money....the more time you put into your pictures and the presentation, the more $$ you're going to make. If it appears you really care about how you present your items, then it's safe to assume that you care about other things as well....for instance, how you care for the clothing itself!

5) Always include a DETAILED description of  each piece, the brand, size and condition. Make sure pictures are clear and bright enough so that buyers can be confident of what they're getting.

6) Be honest! It should go without saying, but really can't be stressed enough!

7) If you're paying to feature an auction, make the most of that extra $20 you're spending. Run the auction for 7 days at the minimum, or pay the extra dime to extend it to 10 days. Start your auction when you can be sure the most buyers will be around for the ending. I have the best luck with Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. I like to have lots ending at around 10 EST...the Eastern buyers are still awake, and the Western buyers are most likely done with dinner, homework, evening activities, etc....

8) Always include LOT in your title, along with the size. Also include "boy" or "girl". Leave out "HUGE" doesn't mean anything. I see 5 piece lots advertised as "Huge"! Also include as many name brands as you have, that will fit. If they don't fit in the title, use the subtitle option to name them. If you can, also include the season....and try to ensure all the items are for the same season. Not many buyers are willing to spend all that much on lots that include winter and summer items. For one, you can't be sure your child will even fit into that size once the next season rolls around. Also, include the number of  pieces in the title

9) Itemize the pieces in the lot, in the description. At least how many pants, how many tops, etc...You can include the exact brand underneath each picture. I'd advise against having one long, lumped together list of all the pieces, brands, etc... It's hard on the eyes to have to read all that, with no break in between. Many buyers will hit the back button.

10) If you have an uneven number of pieces in a lot, for example, more tops than bottoms, photograph 2-3 tops together for one picture, or photograph each top while repeating a pair of pants. (Just be sure to include that the pants in that particular picture, are also the same pants as pictured in another outfit) It's appealing to see how much mileage can be gotten out of the lot...different combinations, ways to layer the different pieces, etc.

Well, I think that's about it! Hopefully this can be of help to someone...I've gotten such great advice and help from fellow ebayers, it would only be good karma to pass on some of my own tips!





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