Passenger Car Accidents - injuries that are life altering

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

Today’s traffic congested highways can put us in danger, our family, friends and anyone who may be traveling in your vehicle with you. Driving takes concentration as well as caution for actions that other drivers might take that could endanger you and your passengers.

No person desires to be involved in an accident and become an injured victim of a traffic accident. Auto accidents can occur from a negligent driver’s actions, however there are other reasons accidents occur and the can be from vehicle defects, incorrectly built infra-structures, as well as traffic control devices. When an accident occurs it can be a minor fender bender or it can be a severe accident in which the results are devastating. Accidents can involve cars and trucks and while there is an effort by the state to lessen the amount of traffic accidents, they are still on the rise.

Automobile Accidents

In some statistics the vehicular accident is one of the leading causes of death today and the headlines in the daily news can back these statistics up. Each year there are thousands of vehicle accidents on the roads that affect many lives of those who are injured or the family members that have suffered a wrongful death because of an accident.

Traffic is bad enough but then add to the mix the overconfident and reckless driver who many vehicular accidents have been cause by, this is a driver who seems to feel they can drive in any condition and without adhering to other vehicles or the laws. This can be the person, who feels they can get behind the wheel in any condition, even if they have been drinking, if the driver is over tired and in some cases mental conditions. This can also include the driver Accidents for this type of driver add up to hundreds if not thousands per year.

There is another factor that causes many vehicle accidents that are caused be roads that are not marked as well as they should be with traffic signs and lights

Passenger Car Accidents

In the state of California the government has a full effort to ensure safety on the highways, however there are still drivers that do not adhere to the traffic laws and rules of the road when behind the wheel.

At some point in this type of drivers life they will be involved in an accident where they will possibly severely injure others as well as them selves. These injuries can be so severe in some cases that there could be an innocent law abiding motorist that could sustain such severe injuries that they will be fatal.

Reports show that there are an estimated six million auto accidents per year in the United States, and out of this amount there are approximately three million injured victims. From this there are reportedly approximately two million accident victims that are severely injured. The injuries sustained are ones that will be permanent for the rest of the injured victims life. 

These lifelong injuries are ones that can include paralysis, paraplegia and quadriplegia to name just a few of the many injuries that are life altering.

injuries that are life altering

When the numbers are totaled up for each year they show there are approximately 40,000 deaths related to car accidents. These kind of statistics mean that at some time almost every driver will be involved in an auto accident and this can be from a minor fender bender to a major accident.

Knowing that every driver at some point maybe involved in an accident there are some tips that can help in the event that you are in an accident and Los Angeles accident lawyer wants drivers to be aware of these tips. These can assist in the moments after an auto accident and therefore are a good idea to even print these tips out and place them in your glove compartment along with your insurance card

If you are involved in an accident and not seriously injured try to remain calm and keep your composure. This is a time when you need to assess injuries of any passengers as well as your self, as well as the others in the vehicles involved.

Next you will need to assess the damages to your vehicle and the other vehicles involve, this can be very important at a later time. Today with the advantage of cell phones it is even possible to take pictures.

The police should be called even if the damages are limited, they will make a report of the incident and this can be useful later.  When it is time for medical bills and damages to be paid for by the insurance companies and in the event of injuries.

List facts about the accident if you have not been injured while you are at the scene of the accident. If you have been injured then make a list of facts about the accident as soon as possible while they are still fresh in your mind. This could be very helpful in the event that the accident case is taken to court. Some of the information that you want to list is the accident the way you remember it occurring.

The names, addresses and other information about the other drivers involved, you will also want to write down the license plates of the vehicles. One reason it is important to take down the license plate number of the vehicles involved is that some drivers will flee the accident after talking to those involved and prior to the arrival of the police.   It is also important to exchange and write down insurance information as well as the vehicle identification number.

As this is a time when you are not thinking clearly and have just been through a traumatic experience and this is a time when you should not discuss the accident unless you are directly asked any questions by the police, those questions should be answered.

When you have been involved in an accident after you have been treated medically for injuries the next step should be to contact an experienced attorney. This attorney will be able to hold the driver that caused the motor vehicle collision accident responsible for damages and injuries.

In accidents where the victim is unsure if there is a claim they should also seek an attorney to consult with about their accident. This is where your information that you had collected at the scene of the accident or as soon as injuries would allow begin to be helpful. This is when a Los Angeles accident lawyer can be extremely helpful as well as a comfort for the client who has been through the experience of an accident.



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