Most dogs can be taught to live in harmony with a feline family member, but there are exceptions.

By Prev Info - October 16, 2022

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If you're planning on adding a dog to your family and you already have a cat, your first step should be to research dog breeds. Some dog breeds, such as Rottweilers and Dobermans, are naturally more inclined to hunt and may never accept a cat in their home.

The breed of the cat is also important because it may indicate how the cat will react to a dog. The Feline Breeds site showcases various cat breeds and may help you find one that is characteristically compatible with dogs.

What can you do as the "Ringmaster" to help nurture this bizarre friendship?

Most dogs can be taught to be friendly with their feline friends. You must first teach your dog that the cat is "off-limits." Your pooch just wants to please you, and he will be more likely to leave Fluffy alone when he understands that you want him to. Adult cats must also be taught to leave a puppy alone, but then again, cats make it their business to ignore you. A firm "NO!" or a squirt from a water pistol may be needed.

When introducing your dog to a cat, do it slowly and in a controlled environment. 

 Each time the dog shows any inclination to growling, barking, or charging at the cat, firmly command "Leave it!" or "Stay!" Simply saying "No!" won't help because your dog already associates "no" with other actions.You need a command that applies specifically to not hurting the cat.

Be in Control! 

If you have an aggressive dog, have a leash on hand to rein him in when his behavior indicates that he might pounce on the kitty. Never leave your pets unsupervised while they're getting acquainted.

Be prepared.

Your dog may be very excited and curious about your cat, and the cat very frightened. Excited dogs can easily get out of control, and frightened cats may try to claw and bite to escape.

Give it a try. 

Don't assume that you can't adopt a new pet because you already own a dog or cat. You may miss out on a new friend and companion, and so might your pet!





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