Less than 40% of commercial buildings have fiber Internet. What do the other 60% do?

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

60% don't have fiber Internet

I need fiber Internet for my business now. wait? Perhaps. Move your office? Probably not. Hope the carrier tells you “fiber is coming soon?” Assuming you can actually get a “coming soon”. And the carrier’s definition of “fiber coming soon” is your definition of “coming soon” and not the 12-36 month wait which is typical?” For the vast majority of businesses that are not in a fiber-equipped building, fiber will never be a near-term solution.

If you’re thinking “Yikes! What do I do now?” Don’t’ sweat it. Commercial broadband Internet service, on par with the best fiber Internet service is actually readily available.

Fiber Internet companies like to tell everyone that fiber is the end all. The reality is that fiber is a bit overhyped.

In fact, there are other broadband services, such as fixed wireless, that deliver reliable high-capacity Internet connections. Fixed wireless is a microwave-based technology that is utilized by many companies, including government and fortune 500 companies. Like fiber Internet services, fixed wireless is a business-grade service optimized for real time apps like VoIP and cloud computing. Its performance stats include 99.99% or better uptime, and ultra low packet loss, latency and jitter.

In addition to fixed wireless being readily accessible, it has a number of other advantages as compared to fiber Internet. These advantages include fast installation free from trenching and construction, bandwidth that can easily be increased as your needs grow, and true network and path diversity. With fixed wireless, you’ll never have to worry if some construction company will accidentally cut through your fiber conduit and take down your service.

So if you are one of the 60% who do not have fiber Internet service available, maybe you should think of yourself as being lucky. Why? Because now you know you can get commercial-grade Internet service where and when you want it, and with a few advantages that fiber can’t deliver on. 

Looking for an alternative to fiber Internet?

It’s interesting how many companies have been trained to think that fiber service is the only premium Internet for business. Some will pay hefty construction and installation fees to get fiber Internet services, while others impatiently wait for months or years, hoping that fiber Internet service will soon make its way to their premise.

Of interest to these companies, is that there are fast fiber Internet alternatives that can provide businesses with exceptional performance and speed that do not require costly and time-consuming installations like that of fiber. One such broadband Internet service that performs just like the best fiber service and easily scales up to GigE, is business broadband from One Ring Networks. With 99.99% uptime, 99.5% packet delivery, and extremely low latency and jitter, One Ring Networks Enterprise is a good alternative to fiber. But unlike fiber, One Ring Networks can install your business broadband in as little as 24 hours.





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