Learn more about broadband tech Fixed Wireless

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

  Fixed Wireless is a flexible, high capacity, and extremely dependable broadband solution that leverages microwave technology to deliver commercial-grade broadband at affordable rates to any location.

The technology’s wireless infrastructure, unique form of data transport, and other advantageous characteristics have spurred more and more IT managers to utilize Fixed Wireless broadband service as their primary source for data connectivity. Distinctly different from traditional wired solutions such as fiber Internet, DS3 and T1 that require expansive underground cable runs, Fixed Wireless uses microwaves to transmit data through the air.

Commercial broadband provider infrastructure

All commercial broadband providers have a conceptually similar framework. The customer is connected to a provider’s access network, routed to the provider’s core network, and then ultimately linked into the Internet backbone. Traditional ISPs use cabling, either copper-based or fiber optics, to connect customers to their services. Because these services are based on wired infrastructure, extending service to new customers, repairing wiring damaged from age or physical breaches such as that caused by road construction or mother nature, as well as upgrading utilities to improve performance are very costly and time consuming. Hence, one of the reasons why these wired broadband Internet services have difficulty keeping up with modern business needs.

Fixed Wireless service, on the other hand, is not encumbered by these physical constraints. Fixed Wireless providers utilize special antennas and microwave frequencies along the electromagnetic spectrum to wirelessly connect customers to their network towers. Due to microwave’s relatively small wavelengths, unobtrusive and conveniently sized antennas can be easily employed. The availability of large amounts of spectrum for high frequency microwave and the ability of microwave signals to be directed in a narrow beam, make Fixed Wireless a great candidate for high capacity data transport.

Discover the power of Fixed Wireless for your business

Microwave technology has been utilized by business and government for decades. Today, Fixed Wireless providers have taken the technology to the next level. The primary thought-leader at the forefront of innovation is One Ring Networks. As one of the biggest and most popular Fixed Wireless providers, One Ring Networks has been actively setting the industry standard for business broadband. One Ring Networks’s engineering teams have designed and built a fully-redundant carrier-grade network with multi gigabit network connections utilizing leading-edge routing infrastructure. Dynamic routing, one of many important performance-enhancing features, provides extreme reliability. Direct peering with top content providers such as Google, Amazon and Yahoo improves data transport by eliminating intermediate hops on the Internet backbone. In addition, the One Ring Networks network leverages QoS, enabling you to prioritize time sensitive applications such as VoIP to ensure an optimum user experience for mission-critical voice and data operations.

High capacity broadband no longer requires lengthy and costly fiber installs. One Ring Networks Enterprise broadband easily delivers 1 Gbps upstream and 1 Gbps downstream, with superb performance guaranteed. One Ring Networks Private Network is ideal for businesses that require robust private networking between multiple office locations. Both premium commercial-grade services can be provisioned in as little as a week, and connect seamlessly to your corporate network.

To find out how Fixed Wireless can meet your business broadband requirements, contact a One Ring Networks expert today to discuss your broadband needs.



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