Labrador and Pit Bull Temperament

By Prev Info - October 10, 2022

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, one of the key considerations is temperament. If you’ve narrowed your search down to a couple of breeds, temperament often can be the deciding factor. Labradors have a very different temperament to American pit bull terriers, but that doesn’t mean that one is less suitable as a pet than the other.

dog Labrador
dog Labrador 

Labrador Temperament

Labradors are America’s most popular breed of dog and their popularity owes much to their loving, affectionate and patient nature. Labradors make great family pets because they’re easy-going, love kids and like to have fun. They get on well with other dogs, are quick to learn and crave leadership. The Labrador is suitable for all types of family, from active outdoorsy types to more laid back, chilled out folk.

Pit Bull Temperament

Pit bulls can make great pets too, but they’re not an ideal match for everyone. They require strong leadership and aren’t necessarily the best choice for a novice dog owner. These muscular beasts are highly protective and make great guard dogs. The pit bull is eager to please and is extremely loyal, making him the ideal pooch for a single person. However, pit bulls may be aggressive toward other dogs and animals, but with proper socialization from puppyhood, this trait can be avoided.

Pit Bull dog

Similarities Between Labs and Pitbulls

Despite their extremely different origins, Labradors and pit bulls do have a lot in common. Both are keen to please, both crave human affection and both are fond of an active lifestyle. Although the Labrador has the far better reputation for kid-friendliness, both breeds are great with youngsters.

Differences Between Labs and Pit Bulls

The Labrador is a retriever breed and the pit bull is historically a fighting breed, although modern pit bulls were bred as all-round farm dogs. These very different origins have given rise to a number of key differences between the breeds. Pit bulls can be suspicious of strangers, Labradors tend to be open and friendly with anyone and everyone. If a pit bull suspects his territory is under threat, he’ll become protective and will want to warn off the intruder himself. Labradors however, typically will bark to let their owner know they’ve spotted something. Labs are great watchdogs, but don’t typically function well as guard dogs.

Suitability as Playmates

A Labrador and a pit bull can feasibly become firm friends, provided both are well socialized. Labradors are laid back and will tolerate a certain amount of rough play for other dogs. Pit bulls are more self assured and if play gets out of hand, they’ll either lose interest or they’ll let their playmate know that he needs to dial it down, either with a growl or with an assertive gesture. Labradors adore the company of people and dogs.





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