Insurance Los Angeles : Why You Should Have a Attorney on Your Side

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

 When we pay for our car insurance every six months, we assume (and hope) that they will be there when we need them. When we pay our medical insurance every month, we assume they will be there to protect us when something goes wrong and that there will be no small print that we have missed. The truth is, though, that no insurance company is actually on your side, and you will probably be fighting the same insurance company you have been paying for years and years one day, trying to get what is rightfully yours.

When you buy medical insurance, you assume that the medical insurance company is working in your favor and that all of the medical professionals are well-trained and competent in what they do. But what happens when you have a misdiagnosed case that results in major problems for you? Do you think your insurance company will pay for that? Do you think that you can go back to the doctor who misdiagnosed you and ask for compensation? No, of course you can?t.

That is why you need an insurance attorney. This type of experienced and qualified lawyer knows how to deal with insurance cases, is aware of the loopholes that they are trying to saddle you with, and they know how to beat them at their own game. By hiring an insurance attorney to work on your side, you immediately put the insurance company on the defensive, just where you want them.

One of the mistakes that most people make is assuming that ?their? insurance company is working for them. This is not true. Your insurance company is paid by you, but they will go out of their way not to pay you back when the time comes. An insurance lawyer is the best place to turn when you have any issues with your insurance company because they have the legal knowledge to properly go after the insurance company and they can take the emotion out of the fight for you.

Remember that with any kind of potential lawsuit, the sooner you act, the better. It is much easier to get background materials, reports, etc., if it is close to the time of the event. So, whether you have been in a car accident or hurt by some form of medical care, contact an insurance attorney as soon as possible to start building your case. You may find that you are due not only for compensation for your medical bills, but for pain, suffering, and future losses as well.



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