How to Use a Quantity Sale on eBay

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

Anyone can become a seller on eBay's website. Quantity listings on eBay allow you to offer several identical items for sale in a single fixed-price listing. Buyers can choose how many of the items they want to purchase, and the listing remains on eBay until all of the items are sold or the post expires. 

How to Use a Quantity Sale on eBay

If you want to give buyers a discount for buying in quantity, you can create a separate fixed-price listing in which a certain number of items are offered in bundles or lots. EBay no longer allows auction-style listings for multiple items, also known as "Dutch" auctions.


1 - Sign in to your eBay account and click the "Sell" button on the toolbar to begin a new listing.


2 - Select a category and click "Continue."


3 - Create a title, complete the description section and add at least one photo to the listing.


4 - Enter the price for a single item in the "Buy It Now Price" field within the Choose a Price and Format section. If you prefer to sell your item in bundles or lots, in which the buyer must purchase 10 at a time, for example, list the price for the whole bundle. Also make sure the title and description sections make it clear you are selling bundles.

5 - List the number of items you have for sale in the "Quantity" field. If the field is grayed-out, click the "Fixed Price" tab to change the listing format. If you are selling in bundles, list the number of bundles available.

6 - Complete the rest of the listing form, including your payment shipping preferences, and then click "Continue. Review the listing and then click "List Your Item" to post it on eBay.

How to Sell Lots of Used Children's Books On Ebay

Making extra money on ebay is a great way to supplement your income. Follow my steps to selling children's books.

Things You'll Need

Digital Camera

Internet Access

Ebay Account

Used Books


1 - First, find the used books! A great place to start is in your own home. Anyone with children, teenagers or young adults, probably has a group of their kids old books lying around. If you don't have any at your home, then move on to a few of my other favorite places. Yard sales are the best and cheapest place to find used books. Next, hit the thrift stores and Goodwill. All of these places are ideal for picking books up super cheap - usually 25 cents to 50 cents each.


2 - Next, sort your books. I like to start with sorting by author, then genre. You can also sort by chapter books or Scholastic readers. Some of my favorite lots are Dr. Seuss, Berenstein Bears, Little Critters, Little House On The Prairie and Little Golden Books. As you are sorting, do a quick check for any damaged or missing pages. I usually discard anything that is missing pages.


3 - After everything is sorted, then take your pictures. I use at least 2 pictures in my auctions. One with the books end to end "bookshelf style" and another one with the books laying face up on a flat surface. List them in a 7 day auction with a low starting bid to generate a lot of interest. Ebay allows a flat $4.00 media shipping rate, unless you use the shipping calculator. I highly reccomend using the calculator, especially if you have more than 2 or 3 pounds of books.


4 - You will probably be pleasantly surprised by your auctions ending price. A good example is a lot of 78 Goosebumps books that recently sold for $149.95! If you found 78 books for 50 cents apiece, then it would be a fantastic money maker with a profit of over $110.00!





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