How to Use Lampwork Beads

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 Lampwork beads can add dramatic color and shape to bracelets, necklaces and earrings. With their size and variable bold colors, using glass lampwork beads in jewelry creates beautiful bead combinations. 


Artisans make lampwork beads out of hot glass, melted around a mandrel to create the bead hole. Because making lampwork beads requires a special process, no two beads are exactly the same. Use lampwork beads in jewelry pieces by stabilizing them on the wire to keep them from moving.


Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

Beading wire

Tape measure

Wire cutters

Beads (lampwork and other kinds)

Bead board

Seed or delica beads (11 mm)

Bicone crystal beads (3 mm)

Clear plastic earring stoppers

2 crimp beads

2 jump rings (3 mm)

Crimping pliers

Chain nose pliers

Closure clasp

Suggest Edits


1 - Measure the length of beading wire you require to make your jewelry piece. Use the tape measure to measure the exact length you need, and then add about 3 inches to enable you to finish the ends of the piece. Cut the beading wire off with the wire cutters.

2 - Plan the design of the jewelry piece, incorporating the beads you desire to use. Use both standard beads and lampwork beads to create a beautiful jewelry piece. Place the beads you wish to use onto the bead board and move them around until you find the design you like.

3 - Add stabilizing beads around each lampwork bead on the bead board. You have several options for stabilizing lampwork beads as you string them. You can use seed beads or delica beads on each side of the lampwork beads. These beads are small enough that they will fit inside the bead holes of the lampwork beads and prevent the lampwork bead from shifting on the beading wire. You could also use a bicone crystal bead on each side of the lampwork bead. Bicone crystals have pointed ends that can fit snugly inside the lampwork bead holes. Another option is to slide a clear plastic earring stopper onto the beading wire at each end of the lampwork bead. The earring stoppers will sit snugly on the beading wire and prevent the lampwork beads from moving.

4 - String the beads onto the beading wire in the design you planned on the bead board. Add the beads or earring stoppers for stabilizing the lampwork beads along with the other beads.

5 - Add a crimp bead and a jump ring to one end of the beading wire and push the crimp bead along the beading wire so it sits snugly against the next bead. Insert the end of the beading wire back into the crimp bead and pull the wire taut. Crimp the crimp bead with the crimping pliers and clip off the excess beading wire. Repeat the same process at the other end of the beading wire with another crimp bead and jump ring.

6 - Open the jump rings with a chain nose pliers and add one-half of a closure clasp to each jump ring. Close the jump rings again with the chain nose pliers to finish the jewelry piece.