How to Start Your Own Drop Ship Business

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 Drop shipping can provide small businesses with the opportunity to sell products without the hassle of keeping large amounts of inventory. In order to be successful, you have to make sure you choose products that consumers want to buy and that the products can be purchased at a low cost to you from a reliable drop shipping supplier. Once you have found the perfect product and drop shipping supplier, you can sit back and reap the profits with just a click of your mouse.

How to Start Your Own Drop Ship Business


1 - Choose a reputable and reliable drop shipping supplier that will provide you with products at a wholesale rate that you can mark up for a profit. You can research drop shippers online by going to websites such as Google and looking for reviews.


2 - Pick items from the supplier's catalog that are expected to be in high demand with consumers that you can mark up and yet still provide customers with a good deal.


3 - Set up an account on eBay or start your own website where you will advertise your products for sale and customers can log in and purchase online. You should have a system in place to accept credit card payments instantly online, such as a PayPal account.


4 - Contact the drop shipping supplier once you have made a sale online and the supplier should ship the products right away to your customer with your business name and address on the packaging.


5 - Contact the customer to ensure they have received their purchase. Many suppliers are not paid until the products have reached the customer.


6  -Send payment to the drop shipping supplier for the products and enjoy your profits.

Tips & Warnings

You can determine how quickly a drop shipper gets products out to customers by ordering an item and having it delivered to a family member or friend.

Watch out for retailers posing as wholesale distributors. A drop shipping company can destroy your business name and destroy your chances of earning a living online if they do not get products out to your customers in a timely fashion.

A reputable supplier will not charge upfront fees or membership dues.

How to Benefit from a Drop Ship Warehouse

Using a "drop ship warehouse" rather than purchasing an inventory of the products you sell and shipping them yourself offers a number of advantages. Above all, you do not have the expense of buying products for resale before you have a purchaser. It also can save a lot of time, it eliminates the need for storage and it spares you the expense of shipping. The warehouse charges you for the product. Your profit is the difference between what you pay for the product and what the customer pays, minus charges assessed by other parties to the transaction.


1 - Locate a drop ship warehouse that can supply the products that you sell, and make sure its terms and conditions meet your needs.


2 - Decide how to market sell the products. You might choose to sell items through eBay, for example, or your own website.


3 - Record orders for products, then place the orders with the drop ship warehouse, providing the information needed to ship the product. The warehouse staff will ship the item to the customer, following your instructions for how the package should be marked. Sometimes the package may be shipped with a "blind" return address; at other times it may include your company's name and address on the package as the shipper.


4 - Keep careful records of your expenses and sales to be sure the arrangement with the drop ship distributor is profitable.

Tips & Warnings

By selling products through a drop ship warehouse, you can greatly streamline your business and reduce work for yourself



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