How to Sell Things From Home on eBay

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 eBay is an auction site that makes it possible for anyone to sell used or new items. eBay can be an effective and lucrative full-time business opportunity for those with the time and resources to support the business. The size of your business will vary, depending upon the approach you take. If you're looking for a way to start a business you can run from home, eBay is an opportunity that might suit your needs.

How to Sell Things From Home on eBay


1 - Create an eBay seller account. It doesn't cost anything to create an eBay seller account. Visit eBay and click on "Sell," then choose "Sell an Item." If you don't have an account, you will be instructed to create a username, password, and enter information regarding your business. It isn't necessary to be incorporated or registered with a business name to sell items on eBay.

2 - Browse through eBay listings for items similar to those you want to sell. This is a good way to get an idea how much competition you have and what other eBay sellers are getting for the same product. Find unique items to sell or items that aren't listed heavily on eBay. This will increase your income potential.

3 - Write a strong description of your products that answers any questions you feel a customer might have. Wording depends upon the product, but it's important to include available colors, sizes available for clothing items, and any information a customer might need to make a buying decision. If you're selling used items, be specific and honest about the condition. Include a photo of the item when possible. eBay allows photos of up to seven megabytes in size, which allows you to upload large, clear images of your products. Including a photo can help you sell more effectively.

4 - List the items you want to sell. Click on "Sell an Item" and the system will walk you through listing your item for sale. This system asks you to select between auction (buyers bid on an item and it sells for the highest bid), how many of an item you have, whether you want to list a flat-rate buy it now price (a price customers can purchase your item for without having to bid), contact information, payment options and an item description. Be as thorough with all this information as you can to avoid confusion with your potential buyers.

5 - Use eBay tools to monitor your listings. These tools are available under "My eBay" and allow you to watch your listings. Tools included are visitor counters, auction management that alerts you when auctions have ended, and a message center that allows you to communicate with your customers. eBay also offers an option for setting up an electronic store that will be listed by category for easy customer access.

6 - Package and ship items to customers on a regular basis. Set up a postal delivery account online by visiting the United States Postal Office website. This can save you from having to run to the post office frequently. Your mail carrier will pick up packages from your home. Always set a sufficient shipping price to avoid cutting into your profit margin. Consider purchasing a scale and using UPS or United States Postal Service charts to weigh your products and set appropriate shipping charges.

Tips & Warnings

As of October 2010, eBay charges an insertion fee for each listing that 25 cents to $2, depending on the price of your item. In addition, as of October 2010, there is a final selling price fee paid to eBay that is 9 percent of final sales price of your item. These prices are always subject to change. There is no fee on items not sold.



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