How to sell on Ebay with success - 3 easy steps

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 Some people are naturals at selling on Ebay. If you're new to this market or are trying to increase your sales, there are three easy steps to help boost your Ebay sales and put more money in your PayPal account. Start with good-quality items that will attract interest. Perfection may not be necessary in all cases, though. If an antiquarian book has a couple of dog-eared pages, mention that in your description so buyers know ahead of time.

How to sell on Ebay with success

1 - Take clear, sharp pictures of the items you are selling on Ebay.

Pictures are a huge part of your Ebay success. Would you buy anything without seeing what you were purchasing? Don't use stock photos either. Take photos of the actual item up for auction. Take multiple shots: close-ups, different angles and with and without the flash. Post the best quality pictures of the those you take. Take your time and do it right.

How to Edit Photos With Free Photo Software

Whether you are taking photos of items to sell online, or just to share with others, photo editing software can improve the quality of your photos dramatically. These types of programs allow you to crop out background objects, lighten photos and much more.


A - There are many free photo software programs available online. Picasa is a great program offered free of charge through Google, but there are many others that are just as good at no charge. Do some research by performing a simple search on 'Free Photo Software' or 'Free Photo Editing Programs'. This will provide you with a very long list of options.

B - Once you choose the program to use, take some time to get familiar with how the program works, and what it offers. A toolbar to the side or bottom is usually provided for ease of use.


C - Cropping: This allows you to remove background items from the photo and focus primarily on the subject of the photo. This is especially important when pics are being used to sell online. The last thing you want is a shot of your feet or pet in photo.


D - Exposure: This is a process that will lighten or darken a photo as needed. Even the darkest, low light photos can look great when lightened.


E - Contrast: When reducing contrast, you can eliminate harsh shadowing found in a lot of digital camera shots. By increasing contrast, you can add a great romantic look to a blah shot.


F - Adjusting Color: This is a great option for photos with a 'washed out' look. This allows you to add warm color to the shot.


G - A great feature offered in most new free photo editing programs is the 'auto adjust' and 'red eye' tools. These allow you to adjust a photo automatically and remove glaring red eye without knowing a lot about editing photos.


H - By taking your time and trying the different options, you will be able to get familiar with a program. Once you do, it becomes very fast and easy to improve the quality of your photos.

2 - Describe your items with detail and honesty. 

People want an honest depiction of what is being sold at auction. They can't physically pick up the item and investigate for themselves, so they need you to give them an honest and thorough description. Don't overlook that blemish, no matter how small. People will respect detail in your descriptions and will be more likely to bid on your item than on the item of the person who uses generalizations and unclear terminology. Details also make your item more specific and less generic; telling what brand and model your old camera is attracts buyers more than just saying you are selling a vintage camera.


3 - Offer free shipping or a range of options. 

If at all possible, offer free shipping for your customers. Your auction items receive more attention and bids when your listing comes up highlighted in all the lists as having "Free Shipping." Ebay automatically looks for Free Shipping auctions and gives them optimal placement in all lists. Otherwise, offer alternatives such as bulk rate or express for buyers who can't wait for that special item.

Tips & Warnings

Use Ebay's picture packs as a way to save listing fees on your auctions and maximize visuals.

Err on the side of more detail over spare detail. Just make sure it's in short points and not long sentences.

Use Ebay's shipping calculator to know what your costs are if you offer Free Shipping.





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