How to Sell Antiques on eBay

By Prev Info - October 16, 2022

 Selling antiques on eBay can bring in some extra income. eBay is often the first place people look when they want to add to their antique collection. If you just cleaned out your house and want to make some room, selling your antiques on eBay is a fairly easy way to earn some extra cash for those items that you will no longer be using. 

Sell Antiques on eBay

According to, antique chairs, rugs, cabinets and pottery are all popular amongst collectors. There are several tools available to you as a seller to ensure that you receive a fair price for your interesting piece.

Things You'll Need



Internet Access

Digital Camera


1 - See which antiques are currently in demand before choosing what to sell. Pottery, clocks, metalware, silver, ceramics, rugs and furniture can all be popular. eBay's Antiques Selling Guide provides further research.

2 - Find out how much your antique is worth. Searching the completed listings can give you an estimate on how much certain items are selling for. 

3 - Use keywords in your listing to help draw attention to it. Using phrases such as "vintage" and "antique" work well to attract buyers.


4 - Showcase your antique by taking good photos and placing them on your eBay listing. It is important to have pictures showing all angles of your item. Using natural light when taking photos can bring out your item's color or texture.

5  -Complete your antique listing by setting a low starting price. This helps dredge up interest for your item. Not setting a reserve price and accepting Paypal payments are other ways to ensure a maximum amount of bidders.

6 - Secure your antique for shipping properly after it has sold and is ready to be sent to the winning bidder. Bubble wrap, foam, and crumpled paper can all help protect your item during shipping.

7 - Join the antique community at eBay. Here you can trade tips with others who are selling vintage items. Leaving positive feedback for a good buyer can help build your reputation.

Tips & Warnings

Learning the lingo can help make your listing more authentic. For instance, the abbreviation "CI" refers to "circa," and "COA" denotes "Certificate of Authenticity."

Although not having a reserve on your listing can be a good way to attract bidders, if you absolutely know that you will not part with an item unless it can yield a certain amount, having a reserve price can be a safe bet.





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